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November 28, 2017

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Vacation Open Time Trades by Seniority Close November 30


Reminder:Vacation Open Time Trades by Seniority – Close November 30, 2017

The option to trade an awarded vacation period through Vacation Open Time Trades by Seniority is now available in CCS.  Vacation Open Time Trades is a seniority based vacation trade option that will be awarded in a single round on November 30, 2017. Trade requests may be submitted now through November 30th, 2017. Trading closes November 30, at 0800, local domicile time.  All trade requests submitted will be awarded according to seniority.   

Flight Attendant to Flight Attendant Trades: 

Once Vacation Open Time Trades by Seniority are awarded and posted, Flight Attendants have the option to trade awarded vacation periods with another Flight Attendant under the following circumstances:

1.     Flight Attendants must be in the same base

2.     The requested trade may not overlap any existing vacation period.

Flight Attendant to Flight Attendant mutual trades may begin as soon as vacations are allocated. The process is manual and will be completed monthly. Note:  An electronic bulletin board on CCS will  provide Flight Attendants wishing to publish requests for vacation trades with the ability to advertise and learn about vacation trade opportunities with other Flight Attendants.

Requests must be submitted by the 15th of the month, and before the earliest calendar months preceding the trade.

Vacation trade requests must be submitted by both participating Flight Attendants.


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