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December 30, 2017

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Employee Business Tax Deductions- End in 2018

Pre-Paying 2018 Union Dues

Employee Business Tax Deductions – End in 2018

Late last Friday, December 22, President Trump signed the Tax bill that removes employee business expense deductions. This means starting with the 2018 tax year, Flight Attendants will not be able to deduct any flight crew expenses anymore, including uniforms, union dues, per diem for every city where you overnight, etc. 

You took part in registering thousands of calls to Congress in opposition to this tax bill that also:
 Gives most of the tax cuts to the richest 1%.
 Raises taxes on 87 million middle-class families by 2027 to pay for tax breaks for the wealthy and corporations.
 Makes corporate tax cuts permanent, but makes tax cuts for individuals and families temporary.
 Encourages outsourcing and contingent pay (profit sharing in lieu of base pay) for jobs that remain.
 Mandates automatic Medicare cuts of at least $25 billion in 2018 and $400 billion over 10 years.
 Pays for corporate tax cuts by raising health care premiums and leaving millions of families without health coverage.

We will redouble efforts in 2018 to fight for legislation that helps Flight Attendants, rather than hurting.

We have received questions from some members asking about paying in full union dues for the 2018 year, by December 31st of this year. That’s only four days remaining to do so, but if you have the means to pay your dues in advance you could deduct the 2018 union dues from your 2017 taxes. We recognize this may only be an option for some members, but we are sending this update to ensure everyone is aware of the option if available to you.

We regret the short notice on this issue, which is the result of Congressional action at the end of the year. We would prefer to report that these employee business deductions are continuing, but as a result of Congress acting on a bill that was not made public until very late many are scrambling to understand how best to protect themselves under the new tax law.

Pre-Paying 2018 Union Dues

If you would like to take advantage of pre-paying 2018 union dues before the tax bill takes effect, the only option at this point is to pre-pay your dues online with a Visa or MasterCard. Checks will not be received prior to January 1, 2018, and therefore will not be available for the tax deduction.

Make an online payment here:

You will receive a confirmation of payment. Make sure to screenshot or print that page for your tax records.
The AFA Membership Department will discontinue payroll deduction for anyone who pays the full amount on-line. We will also send a reminder for members to reinstate payroll deduction prior to the 2019 calendar year.


In Solidarity,

Your Council 26 Officers.

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