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January 22, 2018

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Allstate Supplemental Insurance Available for HKG Flight Attendants


FRA, LHR, HKG, NRT Flight Attendants

 Allstate Voluntary Supplemental Insurance

  Open Enrollment


Q:           Does this next Open Enrollment include the International Flight Attendants; and if “yes”; are the rules the same as before?

A:              All United AFA members have equal access to Supplemental Insurance plans regardless of their location. Here are the guidelines:

    • You must be an active United Flight Attendant
    • You must provide your United File Number
    • You must provide a valid Email address for claims filing and ease of future communication purposes.
    • You must agree to provide your claims forms in English and you will be responsible for translation fees, if applicable.
    • Claims - You will file your claims online.

Voluntary Supplemental Insurance. 

Then click Visit Website under Allstate Benefits

·       You may also view your polices, print your certificates of coverage and track your claims.


Q:             What if I am on any type of Leave of absence or on    Voluntary Furlough? May still I enroll in January?


A:    No. You must be in a working status. However, once you return, you may enroll by contacting 1-866-715-5847 (international and domestic) Central Time,

Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM CST.


Q:        Are all policies payroll deducted?

A:   Yes. Deductions for all United AFA members will take place on the mid-month paycheck only.

Q:             3 Options to enroll:

1.     On-site at U.S. mainland Bases/Domiciles and HNL (in ORD and SFO representatives will be in the domicile from 1/15 thru 2/3 and 2/4 thru 2/10

2.     Online via self-service

3.     Telephonically via the Enrollment Center 1-866-715-5847



Please be aware if you are going to take a leave or time off, your payments will need to be made directly to Allstate.  The process and details are listed below.

There is a dedicated team at Allstate to help manage your account and assist all of our members.

Either a check or money order as Allstate does not accept payments over the telephone.
The check must be made out to Allstate.
The Member will use their actual policy number on the memo line.

Allstate Benefits
ATTN:  National Account Mgmt. C/O Kesha Barnes
1776 American Heritage Life Dr.
Jacksonville, FL 32224

Note* This applies to all participating members of the United AFA:

·        Currently, United Airlines will NOT automatically add your Allstate premiums back to payroll when you return to work. This is their practice for any insurance programs they do not sponsor.
·        The United Payroll Department will only deduct funds if there is enough for the total premium amount.
·        No partial payments and they will not double deduct your next check to make up back premiums.
·        Please send a “return to work notice” to “





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