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February 1, 2018

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Important Dates to Remember

Profit Sharing Election Window

Supplemental Insurance for International Flight Attendants

Scheduling update for March 2018

Flight Service Leader (FSL) Transition Election Process

Greetings Council 26,


Important Dates to Remember

·      CQ due month close February 05, 2018 at 0700 CST

·      Profit Sharing Elections close February 11, 2018 at 2359 CST

·      Voluntary Insurance Enrollment closes February 28, 2018

·      Flight Service Leader (FSL) Transition process will open March 15, 2018 and close on May 28,2018


Profit Sharing Election Window Closes February 11, 2018

As a reminder, Profit Sharing payments will be paid out on Feb. 27, 2018, that will be will be issued in a separate check in the same way you are paid for the normal payroll process (i.e., direct deposit or physical check).

The special election window which provides Flight Attendants with the ability to allocate some or all of the Profit Sharing to their eligible retirement plan account is now open through February 11, 2018 at 2359 CT. We have the ability to defer a portion of our Profit Sharing to any combination of the following:

  • Pre-tax 401(k) 
  • Post-tax 401(k) 
  • Roth 401(k) which is also post tax. 

The amount deferred need not total 100% but cannot exceed 100%. Any remaining percentage will be paid to the employee as part of their normal paycheck (direct deposit or paper check) on February 27, 2018.

Note: Internationally domiciled Flight Attendants in FRA, HKG, LHR or NRT will not receive a separate paycheck but will instead receive the Profit Sharing payment on their regular paycheck of March 1, 2018, due to taxation and other regulation issues net of any deferrals to any eligible retirement plan account. Members outside the U.S. who are enrolled in the floor rate program receive appropriate floor exchange rates when Profit Sharing payments are received through the normal payroll process.

For 2017, for Flight Attendants Profit Sharing percentage of 1/1/17 - 12/31/17 eligible earnings is 4.7969%. Flight Attendants can access their individual statements in Flying Together > My Info > Mangers Tool Box > Profit Sharing Payout Details.  Supervisors & managers do not have access to your individual Profit Sharing.


Allstate Voluntary Supplemental Insurance Available for International Flight Attendants. Open Enrollment closing soon!

Here are the guidelines for applying for Allstate through Design Benefits:

  • You must be an active United Flight Attendant 
  • You must provide your United File Number 
  • You must provide a valid Email address for claims filing and ease of future communication purposes.
  • You must agree to provide your claims forms in English and you will be responsible for translation fees, if applicable.
  • Claims - You will file your claims online. 
  • Go to>Pay and Benefits tab>Voluntary Supplemental Insurance. Then click Visit Website under Allstate Benefits.
  • You may also view your policies, print your certificates of coverage and track your claims.


Options to enroll:

  1. On-site at U.S. Bases/Domiciles
  2. Online via the broker’s online enrollment portal
  3. Phone Enrollment Center 1-866-715-5847


Please be aware if you are going to take a leave or time off, your payments will need to be made directly to Allstate.  The process and details are listed below. There is a dedicated team at Allstate to help manage your account and assist all of our members. Either a check or money order as Allstate does not accept payments over the telephone. The check must be made out to Allstate. The Member will use their actual policy number on the memo line.


 Allstate Benefits

ATTN:  National Account Mgmt. C/O Kesha Barnes

1776 American Heritage Life Dr.

Jacksonville, FL 32224


Note* This applies to all participating members of the United AFA:  Currently, United Airlines will NOT automatically add your Allstate premiums back to payroll when you return to work. This is their practice for any insurance programs they do not sponsor. The United Payroll Department will only deduct funds if there is enough for the total premium amount. No partial payments and they will not double deduct your next check to make up back premiums. Please send a “return to work notice” to “


NGP Supplemental Insurance Open Enrollment Process 

For those who are U.S. residents with a valid social security number you are eligible to enroll in either groups policies but enrollment with NGP must be done by directly phoning Paul Raymond or Lynne Eccard at 1-800-344-9016. They will be able to directly provide you with the NGP plans being offered and complete the enrollment process with you over the phone. Remember, you must have a U.S. SSN and a U.S. Address to qualify for NGP plans. 

Insurance Reps will be available in ORD and SFO 04FEB-10FEB

 *** Some important considerations for those who have a non US address is that all payment to you will be in dollars, you will need to have a US dollar bank account, Alliant Credit Union ( allows all flight attendants to open a dollar account regardless of mailing address also you will be responsible for any translation fees.


Scheduling Update March 2018

March is a 30 day month starting March 2nd   and ending March 31st

We have the base for Ord, SFO and SFO-NRT including 1 position ID’s on these trips. 




NonLang position












Line average











Breakdown of flying:

Ord           :      All positions

SFO           :      All positions

SFO-NRT  :      7 (base positions), NRT will fly 3 positions and 2 “J” language positions.

**Please note Daylight Savings Time  in the U.S takes place Mar 2nd, 0200a.m.

    Winter to Summer schedule changes effective Mar 21st.

    All information subject to change

Scheduling Committee:

Rob Lutsch, Sandy Travis, Mei Char, Sheela Pragasam, Gayle Allen


Flight Service Leader (FSL) Transition Election process opens March 15, 2018

Eligible International Service Managers (ISM) and International Pursers will soon be able to submit their preference about transitioning to the Flight Service Leader (FSL) program for when we achieve common metal on October 1, 2018.

During the annual workshops, beginning in February 2018, ISMs and International Pursers will learn the details about the program and have an opportunity to ask questions to help in making your decision. Some details to keep in mind are that the FSL program will be a defined sub-base and have a separate pool of FSL reserve flight attendants, and at minimum apply to International flying (as outlined in our JCBA). While additional details will be provided during the workshops, we encourage you to review Section 9 of our JCBA to educate yourself on the rules, compensation and program outline.

When is the preference election period?   

  • Preference election will begin on March 15, 2018 starting at 0001 Home Domicile Time (HDT) and will close on May 28, 2018 at 2359 HDT.

How will I submit my preference? 

  • Beginning March 15, 2018, an “FSL Transition” page will be available in CCS under the “Bidding” menu.
  • Preferences may be submitted on the “FSL transition” page.
  • Flight attendants will be able to change their preference up until the window closes on May 28, 2018 at 2359 HDT.
  • Additional details on how to submit your preference in CCS will be reviewed in this year’s workshop, or you can visit your base supervisor with any questions.

When will I learn the results? 

  • On June 1, 2018, a list, by base, of those flight attendants who will be included in the initial FSL sub-base will be posted on Flying Together.
  • Those who applied, but are not initially placed in a sub-base will be on a waitlist for a period of two years, known as the “priority period.”
  • On October 12018, all ISMs and International Pursers placed into the FSL sub-base will be known as Flight Service Leaders (FSLs).

Am I eligible? 

Eligible ISMs and Pursers must have been active on or before August 29, 2016 to be eligible for the FSL program. To determine whether you are eligible, refer to the list that will be published no later than February 7, 2018 on Flying Together > Inflight Services > Policies & Procedures > ISM/Purser Programs.


Spring Local Council Meeting April 4, 2018

Time and Place (TBA)

In Solidarity,

Kim,Rob, Sheela,Ruby and Mei


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