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INSIDE THIS ISSUE - April 8, 2015

• May Schedule Update
• Local Meeting Reminder
• MEC and BOD Reminder
• Wear your AFA Pin Campaign
• Certify your Buddy Pass Riders

May Schedule Update

 May is a 30 day month, starting Friday May 1st and ending Saturday May 30th, 2015. There are no US holiday in May.

We will have a total of :

31 Lines =93 positions on the 3's (Base Crew) and
23 Lines =23 positions on the 1's (Extra)

54* Lines= 116 positions (*There are 6 Purser lines  , 1 line of turns that includes (2) 2day trips.)

The average of the lines are from 71.54 to 91.17. The month of May you will notice many of the lines are built at above 80.00+hrs . The monthly average system wide for the month of May is 77-87 hours.  You will notice a higher utilization of Wide body aircraft thought the system for the summer months.

30-day ANP is being offered for the May 2015 schedule month in limited numbers and locations.  The company does not expect to offer 30-day ANP for the summer months.
No Special Leaves of Absence are anticipated. 


Local Council 25 Meeting Reminder

Spring 2015 Regular meeting of the United MEC and

43rd AFA-CWA BOD (April 25-30, 2015)


April 25 through April 27, 2015, your Local Council Leaders will attend the Spring 2015 Regular Meeting of the United Master Executive Council (MEC).  This meeting will be held in conjunction with the 43rd Annual Board of Directors (BOD) Meeting in Las Vegas, Nevada; at the Flamingo Las Vegas.

At this upcoming United MEC Meeting, elections for various MEC Committees will be conducted.  Elections will take place for some United MEC Committee positions. Election information, including qualifications, responsibilities of each position and current Willingness to Serves are available on our website.

The Annual AFA-CWA Board of Directors (BOD) Meeting will commence immediately following the United MEC meeting on April 28 through 30, 2015.

We encourage Members to see our democratic process in action by attending your Local Council meetings and, if you are in the Las Vegas area, the MEC Meeting and BOD. Schedule times for your Local Council’s meeting, the MEC Meetingas well as the Agenda for the Board of Directors Meeting will be posted on our website



Below are the Agenda Items to be discussed:

 Wear Your AFA Pin Campaign  

(AFA article Dated April 3, 2015)


Our AFA pin ties us together as a group and reinforces our voices as Union Members.  It tells the world that more than just the color of our uniform or the tail of our aircraft unites us. It means that we are never alone. By wearing our AFA pin we are telling management, our fellow flying partners, and the world that we not only have the right to speak up, we will speak in one unified voice to beat back discrimination and advance the issues that matter to Flight Attendants. 

Our Contract guarantees no company policy or management representative can prohibit our right to show our Unity as a group by wearing our Union Pin.  As a show of Solidarity take a moment and post your #SelfiesForSolidarity on Twitter (@AFAUnitedMEC) or your favorite Social Media platform and display your Unity and Power with pride, don’t forget to tag us in your post. It is time to stand up, rebuild our careers, achieve our fair share of the profits we create, and advance the issues that matter to all AFA Members. Stand with your flying partners and #PutOnYourPin every single time you go to work. 

Also last week AFA International President Sara Nelson published a video message below :

Don't leave your buddies behind! 5 things you need to know


The new user-friendly system for enrolling eligible pass riders and regular buddies is now live, and employees may now use this system to register and certify their regular buddy pass riders.

As a reminder, we sent an all-employee email on Dec. 1, 2014, regarding implementing this new policy with the goal of ending widespread misuse and fraudulent activity related to buddy pass travel, which resulted in employee terminations; registering regular buddies will help substantiate in advance that employees have a relationship with those who use their buddy passes. Here are the 5 things you need to know:

  1.  Eligible employees may register regular buddy pass riders any time throughout the year, up to 12 total. Once registered, a regular buddy passrider may not be changed during the calendar year.
  2.  It's best to enroll your buddies well in advance of their travel date or, at a minimum, 48-72 hours before travel to allow time for processing. They will not be able to travel until they appear on employeeRES.
  3.  Existing non-registered buddies on employeeRES will not automatically transfer to the new system or to your allotment of 12. Note, your previously enrolled eligible pass riders (spouse or domestic partner, parents, children, enrolled friends, extended family buddies including adult children age 26 and older) have been transferred into the new system; therefore no action is required.
  4.  Eligible employees may register buddies or eligible pass riders via My Info > Travel > Pass Riders or the "Update pass riders" link on the Travel tab. Use your uID to login. Answer the questions and follow the prompts. A Quick Reference Guide is available on the Travel tab.
  5.  To help accommodate any buddies who may be traveling during the transition period, employees may continue to add regular buddy pass riders on employeeRES up to April 12. On April 12, all non-registered regular buddies will be removed from employeeRES.

View the questions and answers on the Travel tab for details and direct any additional questions to the Employee Travel Center at or 877-UAL-ESC9 (877-825-3729).





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