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July 24, 2015

Inside this issue:Early Out Participants Travel Benefits Due Date
Flight Attendant Fatigue - Fight for 10

Early Out Participants Travel Benefits Due Date

Flight Attendants exiting in August who wish to purchase travel to bridge them to retiree travel benefits will need to submit the Purchase Travel Election option found on Flying Together > Inflight Services > Administration > Enhanced Early Out > Early Out Travel Purchase.  These Flight Attendants will need to act now if they wish to purchase travel privileges.  The Deadline to submit your election is August 7, 2015.

Travel may be purchased for 5, 10 or 15 years at a cost of $5000.00 per five (5) year increments.  Please keep in mind years of service freeze as the date of separation and you will need to buy enough travel to age into retiree pass travel based on the age/years of service chart available on in the Early Out Q&A.

 All purchased travel will be deducted from your Early Out severance payment; therefore this deadline cannot be extended.

Please note: For those departing August 2015, this is your one and only opportunity to purchase extended travel.  There will be NO future opportunity to purchase extended travel.

 For question please contact:

Flight Attendant Fatigue - Fight for 10

Fight Flight Attendant FatigueFlight Attendants are entrusted with the safety, health, and security of our passengers on a daily basis. Studies have been commissioned by Congress making it clear that more rest should be mandated for Flight Attendants, but the regulations don't reflect this science. With the rules in place today, Flight Attendants could have a mere 8 hours of rest following a 14- hour scheduled duty day! Together we have laid the foundation for change through the fatigue studies and our legislative efforts to keep this issue at the forefront.

In February we launched a broad mobilization effort, on the anniversary of the tragic Colgan Air crash, to encourage Flight Attendants across the industry to call for a fix in the FAA Reauthorization Bill - an FAA 10 hour minimum rest equivalent to our flight deck counter parts and a Fatigue Risk Management Plan to continue to address issues of Flight Attendant fatigue in a meaningful way.

AFA Fights Fatigue, Honors Colgan 3407 Crew (February 19, 2015)

Flight Attendants across the industry are joining our Fight for 10!

How can you help?

  • Join the Fight for 10
  • Call your elected officials and urge them to provide rest provisions for flight attendants. The capitol switchboard number is (202) 224-3121.
  • Visit our website at to learn more about this issue and remain informed of the latest updates. Also, promote our 10 hour rest campaign on social media: #EqualZzz, #FightFor10
  • Join #RingYourRepFriday, and do your follow up on a Wednesday

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