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October 29, 2015

Inside this issue:Occupational Vac Grievance Successfully Settle
2016 Vacation Calendar for US Domicile Incorrect

Grievance Regarding Vacation Reductions Due to Occupational LOA Settled


In January 2014, our United MEC Grievance Committee filed MEC Grievance 1-14, when management reduced vacation accrual in certain circumstances when a Flight Attendant was on an Occupational Leave of Absence.  During the past week, the company and United AFA have been in settlement discussions for the outstanding grievance and have, this afternoon, reached an understanding of the terms under which the Grievance will be settled.


The Grievance Settlement is a multipart settlement.   Reductions to vacation taken in 2014 & 2015 will involve cash payments to Flight Attendants for the vacation days that were lost.  For those Flight Attendants with a reduced vacation accrual for 2016 due to an Occupation Leave that was taken during the September 2014 – August 2015 Vacation Accrual year, we have reached an agreement with the company to restore the accrual of those vacation days for use next year.


As a result of today’s settlement, it will be necessary to adjust the vacation accruals for these Flight Attendants and there will need for the company to complete a review of vacation allocations to ensure a sufficient number of vacation days have been allotted to cover all known vacation liability.  Accrual and allocations will be updated by 0830 local domicile time no later than November 1st.  As a result of this additional work, the opening & closing dates of Phase I (Primary) vacations have been delayed.  There will be no impact on the date by which Primary vacations will be posted.   Secondary (Phase II) & Tertiary (Phase III) vacations will open, close and post based on our Contractual timeline. The revised timeline for the opening and closing of Primary vacations is as follows:


Vacation Period





0830 November 1

0830 November 9

0830 November 12


0830 November 16

0830 November 23

0830 November 28


0830 December 1

0830 December 7

0830 December 11


In the coming days, additional information regarding the cash payments for the reductions that were applied to the 2014 & 2015 vacation will be released.   We appreciate your patience and understanding.


Incorrect US Domicile Vacation Calender

The United States Vacation Calendar included in the HARDCOPY vacation booklet distributed in our SW V-Files are INCORRECT!    Please note, the ONLINE copy of the Vacation Bidding Calendar IS is the HARDCOPY version which was printed incorrectly. 


Please click on the following link to download a copy of the corrected version of the calendar:  VAC Calendar 2016.pdf


Here is an easy way to check if you are using the INCORRECT calendar......look to January 31st, 2016 - it 'should' fall on a Sunday (CORRECT), rather than a Monday (incorrect).


Please also note that this correction applies ONLY to the U.S. Calendar in the hardcopy version of the vacation packet.

VAC Calendar 2016.pdf


Fly Safe,


Your Council 25 Officers




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