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INSIDE THIS ISSUE - February 12, 2016

• Yen Grievance Settlement (NRT 01-09)
• CHAOS™ Information Expo
• Citibank GEB Account Cancelation
• Section 12.M Clarification
• Guam Hotel - Air Purifier
• SIN cancelation and Reciprocal Cabin Seat Agreements Advocacy

Yen Grievance Settlement (NRT 01-09) 

The neutral Arbitrator issued his judgment in this matter, ruling that United had applied a requirement that NRT Flight Attendants establish Citibank GEB accounts in order to be eligible to receive the benefits of the floor rate of exchange provided for in the Sideletter of Agreement; however, the Company did not inform the Flight Attendants of the requirement until November 14, 2008.  To remedy this violation of its obligation under the Agreement, United was directed to make whole, as necessary, those NRT Flight Attendants who were adversely affected by the lack of notice.

Subsequently, the neutral Arbitrator, the Company and the Union met in an attempt to identify those Flight Attendants that were adversely affected.  It became apparent that it would be impractical, if not, impossible to determine the payments that should be made to individuals.  

The neutral Arbitrator therefore decided that a total of such payments shall not exceed $48,500.00, distributed in a fair and reasonable way to those who were affected.  It was determined that those individuals who applied for and actually opened GEB accounts within a reasonable period of six (6) months/by May 15, 2009 following notice of the requirement by the Company (November 14, 2008) shall share the amount equally.

Based on this determination, the result is that 205 Flight Attendants will receive $236.58 each, before taxes or any other required withholdings.

These Flight Attendants can expect to receive payment on their March 1, 2016 paycheck.  It will show on the paycheck as a line item “Settlement Non Elig”.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact any of the Local Officers.

CHAOS™ Information Expo

We will be conducting a CHAOS™ Information Expo on March 17th, location and time to be determined.  Please mark your calendars and plan to attend as we go over CHAOS™ strike information and processes.  We hope to see you there!

Citibank GEB Account Cancelation

Citibank recently announced their cancelation of the GER (Global Exchange Rate) process, which will necessitate all of us with Citibank GEB accounts to make some decisions.   Flight Attendants will need to decide ‘how’ they wish to receive their pay (in USD, Yen or both), and then fill out the paperwork provided by NRTSW.  On there you can designate how much money you want going into each respective, USD/YEN, account.  On the same form you can check off to close the Citibank GEB account as well. 

If you choose not to close the account you can keep the account for a monthly fee.  We recommend that you contact Citibank to see if any less expensive options are available to you, as they have other types of accounts that also allow for no foreign transaction fees, etc., depending on your banking needs.

If you choose to close your account, you will need to provide the company with either a U.S. account, Yen account or both, depending on how you want your pay.  If you want ‘all’ of your pay in Yen, then you only need to provide Yen account information to the company.  Conversely if you don’t want Yen at this time, you can provide a U.S. bank account and all of your pay will go there (you can always sign up for this ‘new’ program to receive the floor rate later if you choose). 

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact any of the Local Officers.

Section 12.M Clarification

Recent irregular operations involving flights going to the United States have raised some questions about the application of the legal rest minimums, specifically Section 12.M.1.c of the Contract, which states:

Notwithstanding sub-paragraph a. above, for purposes of all flights between the United States and Japan, the following exception shall apply: 

Block-to-block minimum:           22
Place of lodging minimum:        20

Section 12.M.1.c. of the Contract applies only to flights from the United States to Japan. For this reason, the Company is able to build and assign 3-day trips to Japan at ORD and IAD.

Conversely, flights from Japan to the United States are scheduled under Section 12.M.1.a. Under this provision, the required legal rest at a layover point is based upon the flight or deadhead time in the duty period preceding the layover.

Section 12.M.1.a reads:

Legal Rest Minimums

1.  Layovers

a.  Flt/Dhd. Time         Block to Block Minimum                      Place of Lodging Minimum

0-8:00                          11                                                        9         

8:01-10:00                   18                                                        16       

10:01-14:00                 22                                                        20       

Over 14:00                   33                                                        30

Guam Hotel - Air Purifier

Management has informed us that the Guam layover hotel will be providing Air Purifiers on a first come, first served basis.  Should you request one, and not receive it, please ensure to TVLLOG so that we can follow up with the vendor.

We continue to advocate for a change in properties in Guam.  Your TVLLOG’s (not United Voices) for hotel issues will help us achieve those changes, and in the short-term help us address issues (such as air purifiers, bath mats) that are within the vendors control.  Thank you for your help in this matter.

SIN cancelation and Reciprocal Cabin Seat Agreements Advocacy

With the announcement of the NRT-SIN cancelation, your Local Officers have renewed their advocacy for International Reciprocal Cabin Seat Agreements.  Based on that advocacy, MEC President Ken Diaz has sent a letter to Sam Risoli, which has been posted on the AFA Bulletin Board for your review.  We continue to push for these benefits, which not only help our commuters, but the operation as well.

In solidarity,

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