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Notice of Election - Negotiating Committee Members

The United MEC will elect (3) three Members for the Negotiating Committee comprised of Flight Attendants from United, for the purpose of negotiating the collective bargaining agreement (CBA). The Negotiation Committee will work at the direction of the United MEC and in accordance with the priorities set by the AFA Members at United Airlines.

The MEC is comprised of 16 locally elected Presidents and three MEC Officers. The Local Executive Council Presidents (LECP’s) make up the voting body of the MEC. Positions are elected by a simple majority, with each LECP casting one vote for each position on the Negotiating Committee. Positions are elected by a simple majority, with each LECP casting one vote for each position on the Negotiating Committee.

Members of the Negotiating Committee work hand-in-hand with our attorneys, professional negotiators and other consultants throughout the negotiations.

Scope & Responsibilities: 

  • The Negotiation Committee Members work at the direction of the MEC and in accordance with the priorities set by AFA Members based upon the feedback of United Flight Attendants according to statistically valid polling and other means of gathering information with respect to wages, working conditions, etc. The Negotiation Committee Members with the advice of the Staff Negotiator, shall prepare the Contract Opener.
  • Negotiation Committee Members shall maintain a current record of the financial condition of the company; management lines of authority and methods of communication; operations statistics and experiences of the airline which may be used in bargaining, grievances, litigation, etc.
  • Negotiation Committee Members shall attend advanced negotiations training and shall utilize the facilities and resources of the Union and the experience and knowledge of Staff Negotiators, Union Officers, International staff and AFA consultants throughout the negotiations.
  • The Negotiation Committee shall maintain a complete record of the negotiations, including proposals, notes and communications, and such record is the property of AFA-CWA. A copy of all records shall be forwarded to the International Office to be stored and maintained by the Union.
  • Negotiation Committee Members shall be familiar with Union policy and keep abreast of new developments in the industry.
  • The Negotiation Committee shall provide regular updates to the Membership on the status of negotiations.
  • The Negotiations Committee must be willing to work long, sometimes odd hours, and remain engaged through the completion of projects.

Position to be elected:

Three Members – to be elected at the April 2019 Regular MEC Meeting


Leadership abilities with significant experience and knowledge of our Contract are required. Effective writing, negotiating experience, note taking and organizational skills are essential. The position requires a significant commitment of your personal time and full time availability initially in Chicago.

Negotiation Committee Members shall serve as the Contract Interpretation Committee (CIC) following ratification of the Contract and remain available to the Union for all activity related to Contract enforcement.

The Election will be conducted at the Spring Regular MEC Meeting:

April 16 -18, 2019

Hyatt Rosemont
Rosemont, IL 60018