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Master Executive Council (MEC) Central Schedule Committee


This Committee consists of one Chairperson and five members. The Committee is responsible for meeting at least twice a month with the company to review and discuss schedules and verify the company's compliance with established rules and procedures. The Committee also monitors staffing requirements, understaffing statistics and moved flying.

This Committee is responsible for assisting Local Reserve Committees in resolving problems, as well as working with the United Master Executive Council (MEC) Grievance Committee to resolve system-wide violations of the scheduling provisions of our Contract.

All MEC Committees represent the MEC and will support MEC positions when interacting with the Company and Flight Attendants. They carry out the responsibilities of their Committee and shall support and adhere to the AFA-CWA Constitution and Bylaws, as well as the AFA-CWA United MEC Rules of Procedure, and Policy. A Committee Member assists the Chairperson with the following responsibilities:

  • Communicating with MEC Officers at least once a week.
  • Submitting written reports to the MEC.
  • Communicating with local committees at least once a month.
  • Making a yearly in-person report to the MEC.
  • Administering the MEC Committee Budget.
  • Conducting an annual training for Local Committee Members, as needed.
  • Contributing an annual article to MEC communications. 

Positions to be elected:


Significant knowledge of scheduling and reserve sections of the Contract. Practical experience is recommended. A minimum of two meetings are held each month with the company in Chicago and are generally two to three days each. Computer skills are desired.

 All interested candidates, who are Members in good standing, may submit a resume and Willingness to Serve Statement to:

Jeffrey W. Heisey, Secretary-Treasurer
Association of Flight Attendants-CWA
United Master Executive Council 
6250 N. River Road, Suite 4020 
Rosemont, IL 60018

Send e-mail to: mecsec@unitedafa.org