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Ken Diaz, MEC President

Ken DiazKen Diaz began his airline career in 1983 with People Express Airlines working in the Accounting Department and as a Flight Attendant. He went on to work as a Flight Attendant for Continental Airlines and Carnival Airlines just before being hired with United Airlines in June of 1998. More about Ken

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MEC President Letter - February 1, 2024Feb 1, 2024Will wonders never cease? United management is either so far disconnected from the realities of our workplace and our stalled Contract negotiations, o...mec-president-letter-february-1-2024
MEC President Letter - New Year MessageDec 31, 2023Beginning in the New Year, we will not be the only ones to hold United management accountable at the bargaining table. We have received the approval...mec-president-letter-new-year-message
MEC President Letter - Filing for Federal MediationDec 1, 2023In response to management's utter and complete failure to prioritize the needs of the Flight Attendant work group, we will be filing for Federal Med...mec-president-letter-filing-for-federal-mediation
MEC President Letter: November 21, 2023Nov 21, 2023NOV 21 - As negotiations intensify, we must be careful on social media about how we talk about negotiations and how to pressure ...mec-president-letter-november-21-2023
MEC President Letter - TWU Tentative AgreementNov 1, 2023I am writing to congratulate you on the historic Tentative Agreement reached between Transportation Workers Union (TWU Local 556) and Southwest Airl...mec-president-letter-twu-tentative-agreement
President Letter – UPS Strike AvertedJul 26, 2023JUL 26 - In a letter to the United Flight Attendants, United MEC President Ken Diaz elaborates on how the power of Solidar...president-letter-ups-strike-averted
President's Letter - The Report CardJun 30, 2023JUN 30 - It’s time to stop with the excuses, the empty thank you’s and the heart emojis. We need true recognition and solutions for...presidents-letter-the-report-card
MEC President Letter: This is UnacceptableJun 29, 2023JUN 29 - The conditions so many of us have been, and continue to be, subjected to this week are unacceptable. mec-president-letter-this-is-unacceptable
MEC President's Letter - We Will Never ForgetSep 11, 2022MEC President's Letter - We Will Never Forgetmec-presidents-letter-we-will-never-forget
Focus on Us!Jun 17, 2022Our country is in the midst of an exciting surge in the Labor Movement. Workers from Starbucks, Amazon, REI, Apple, and Delta (just to name a few) are...focus-on-us
MEC OFFICER LETTER - Looking Forward with Optimism and Renewal in 2022!Dec 31, 2021DEC 31 - As 2021 ends, we can’t help but look back at the past year and be proud of all that we have accomplished together...mec-officer-letter-looking-forward-with-optimism-and-renewal-in-2022
MEC OFFICER LETTER - A Season of Hope and PeaceDec 25, 2021DEC 24 - As we reflect on this season of hope and peace where gatherings with friends and family are more meaningful than ever, I can’t hel...a-season-of-hope-and-peace
MEC President’s Letter – We RememberSep 11, 2021Twenty years ago, following the events of September 11, 2001, we made a promise to never forget those who made the greatest sacrifice any of us coul...mec-presidents-letter-we-remember
MEC President Letter - United MEC Votes to Open Contract NegotiationsJul 21, 2021Jul 21 - The United Master Executive Council Votes Unanimously to Open Contract Negotiations with United Airlines.united-mec-votes-to-open-contract-negotiations
MEC Officer Letter - Memorial DayMay 31, 2021May 31 - Memorial Day is that day each year that we set aside time to remember the brave men and women who sacrificed everything for ...mec-officer-letter-memorial-day
MEC Officer Letter - APALA Letter of SupportMar 19, 2021Mar 19 - This week we witnessed another senseless attack by a gunman targeting innocent citizens. Eight people were murdered at three...mec-officer-letter-apala-letter-of-support
MEC Officer Letter - Payroll Support Program ExtensionMar 10, 2021Mar 10 -  Congressional leadership in Washington D.C. passed the American Rescue Plan (ARP). This bill includes the Payroll...mec-officer-letter-payroll-support-program-extension
SEA Satellite Base ClosureFeb 4, 2021Feb 4 - As you’ve likely heard by now, United has made the decision to close the Seattle satellite base. We stand wit...sea-satellite-base-closure
MEC Officer Furlough Response AnnouncementJan 29, 2021Jan 29 - John Slater today has announced that WARN letters will be sent out to begin the process of reducing the Flight Attendan...mec-officer-furlough-response-announcement
MEC Officer Holiday MessageDec 24, 2020MEC Officer Holiday Messagemec-officer-holiday-message
MEC Officer Letter - Payroll SupportDec 22, 2020Yesterday was not only a good day, it was a great day!  Tens of millions of Americans are going to get desperately needed relief, in no small par...mec-officer-letter-payroll-support
MEC President, Ken Diaz - Thanksgiving MessageNov 27, 2020Ladies and Gentlemen:Thanksgiving is an annual national holiday observed in the United States during which we celebrate the blessings of the past year...mec-president-ken-diaz-thanksgiving-message
MEC President Video Message - August 27, 2020Aug 27, 2020United MEC President Ken Diaz addresses the Membershipmec-president-video-message-august-27-2020
MEC President's Letter - August 7, 2020Aug 7, 2020Our fast mobilization in March led to the passage of the CARES Act, including the aviation Payroll Support Program (PSP) We need Congress to act ...mec-presidents-letter-august-7-2020
MEC President's Letter - July 8, 2020Jul 8, 2020Ladies and Gentlemen:Today United management announced their need to reduce our Flight Attendant population by 15,100 people. First and foremost, let ...mec-presidents-letter-july-8-2020
Special E-Lines Edition - Base Closure AnnouncementJun 5, 2020Ladies and Gentlemen:Today the company made an announcement that will impact our entire Flight Attendant community.  The company provided the 90-...special-e-lines-edition-base-closure-announcement
MEC Officer Letter - We Have a ContractMay 22, 2020Ladies and Gentlemen:Earlier this week, United employees welcomed Scott Kirby to his new position as CEO of United Airlines. Scott stepped into h...mec-officer-letter-we-have-a-contract
Special E-Lines, March 29, 2020Mar 29, 2020Ladies and Gentlemen:We are all facing extraordinary industry challenges. These extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures. In the ...special-e-lines-march-29-2020
AFA-MEC Officers' MessageMar 14, 2020Life is changing around us, quickly. Much of it feels as if it is beyond our control. In fact, in terms of the industry in which we work, right now, m...afa-mec-officers-message
A Message from MEC President Ken DiazDec 20, 2019As we near the end of 2019 I would like to acknowledge each and every one of you for your endurance through the many challenges we have faced together...a-message-from-mec-president-ken-diaz
A message from Ken Diaz - MEC PresidentApr 19, 2019This week United Airlines released the first quarter (Q1) earnings report, beating Wall Street’s expectations for not only growth, but for profi...a-message-from-ken-diaz-mec-president
Satellite Base UpdateFeb 28, 2019Ladies and Gentlemen: As you have been told, your MEC Officers have been in conversations with management since late last year discussing the establis...satellite-base-update
MEC President's Letter, February 12, 2019Feb 12, 2019I spent Monday and Tuesday in Washington, DC with AFA leaders from around the nation planning our union's response to an unprecedented threat to our l...mec-presidents-letter-february-12-2019
MEC President's letter, December 14, 2018Dec 14, 2018Dear Flying Partners, Yesterday, Flight Attendants across the world showed up in unprecedented numbers to demonstrate in solidarity that we are a...mec-presidents-letter-december-14-2018
December 13, 2018 - System-Wide Day of ActionNov 20, 2018We need you – the power of our Union. The new cuts to staffing and service in a time of massive profits is the last straw, but the reality is t...december-13-2018-system-wide-day-of-action
Great Job! Now Here's Your PunishmentNov 5, 2018By now most, if not all of us, have read John Slater’s recent communication regarding the changes to service and staffing that will become eff...great-job-now-heres-your-punishment
President's Message - We Do Not Agree With These Changes to “Enhance Staffing.” Speak up, Speak out and Stay United, AFA!Sep 21, 2018Ladies and Gentlemen: Without warning, a company communication on Established Staffing Guidelines announced “new” procedures that violates...afa-special-e-lines-mec-presidents-letter-september-21-2018
AFA Special E-Lines - September 18, 2018Sep 18, 2018The first step in the integration of all United Flight Attendants, is the bidding process which will finally, after 8 years, bring us together as of O...afa-special-e-lines-september-18-2018
MEC President's Speech, September 11, 2018, Flight 93 MemorialSep 12, 2018My name is Ken Diaz, and I'm President of The Association of Flight Attendants United Airlines Master Executive Council. I'm honored to be with you to...september-11-2018
MEC President's letter on implementationAug 24, 2018We all understand that we cannot, despite any apprehension, let perfect stand in the way of progress. We are convinced that standing in the same place...mec-president-letter-on-implementation
MEC Officer Letter - Policy ChangesAug 3, 2018Ladies and Gentlemen:Recent announcements from the company regarding two items have created a number of questions and, in some cases, unnecessary cont...mec-officer-letter-policy-changes
What the Janus Decision Means for all of UsJun 27, 2018Citing a violation of First Amendment rights, the United States Supreme Court today ruled that public sector unions cannot charge fair-share fees to n...what-the-janus-decision-means-for-all-of-us
MEC Officer Letter – October 1st ImplementationApr 20, 2018Following ratification of our Joint Collective Bargaining Agreement (JCBA), the company and the Union Members of the Joint Implementation Team (JIT) s...mec-officer-letter-october-1st-implementation
MEC Officer Letter - March 23, 2018Mar 23, 2018Over the past few months, we have been aware that many of you have voiced concerns about illicit trip brokering where certain individuals have been im...mec-officer-letter-march-23-2019
Supporting the O’Hare Expansion Project Grows Vital Chicago AviationMar 13, 2018The United Master Executive Council unequivocally supports the O’Hare International Expansion project which is necessary to support the contin...supporting-the-ohare-expansion-project-grows-vital-chicago-aviation
About the core4 Score RewardsMar 5, 2018Yesterday afternoon management released details of their 2018 Operational Performance Rewards Program known as core4 Score Rewards.about-the-core4-score-rewards
A Message from MEC President Ken DiazJan 3, 2018

Representation – It’s About Engaging with the Representative.

Over the course of the past several days, we&rsq...

The Blessings of a Joyful ThanksgivingNov 23, 2017

It’s hard to believe we've cycled through another yea...

We Will Never Forget.Sep 11, 2017We continue to grieve the losses we all shared. Once again, our thoughts and prayers remain with the families who lost loved ones on September 11th.&n...we-will-never-forget
A Message from MEC President Ken DiazAug 28, 2017Dear Flying Partners:

Hurricane Harvey, and the historic rainfall and flooding associated with it, have created an unprecedented challe...
Implementation Date for Common Scheduling Platform AnnouncedJun 19, 2017Since ratification of our JCBA in August of 2016, the most asked question has been when will Flight Attendants be flying together under a common cre...implementation-date-for-common-scheduling-platform-announced
Memorial Day MessageMay 29, 2017This weekend we celebrate Memorial Day - an American tradition that is synonymous with the unofficial start of summer.memorial-day-message
Lean on Each Other - Safety FirstApr 21, 2017The past two weeks have been challenging on the front lines of our airline, whether at work or in our communities at home.lean-on-each-other-safety-first
Urgent Action Needed by New Jersey and New York Residents – Call Your U.S. Representative Today!Feb 28, 2017On March 12, Emirates Airlines will launch their new daily flight from Athens to Newark.  This route is permissible under the U.S./Gulf States Op...urgent-action-needed-by-new-jersey-and-new-york-residents-call-your-u-s-representative-today
A New YearDec 30, 2016As we prepare to ring in New Year 2017, each of us according to our family history and traditions, the customs from around the world remind us of our ...a-new-year
Happy Holidays 2016Dec 23, 2016At this joyous time of year we would like to extend our warmest wishes to you. May the joys and laughter of the season bestow upon you an abundance of...happy-holidays-2016
Happy Thanksgiving!Nov 23, 2016happy-thanksgiving
In Their Memory, We Will Never Forget - A Message from AFA United MEC President Ken DiazSep 9, 2016On this 15th Anniversary, whether we cast our eyes upward toward the heavens or bow our head in silent and reflective prayer, our thoughts are wi...in-their-memory-we-will-never-forget-a-message-from-afa-united-mec-president-ken-diaz
United MEC Officer Labor Day MessageSep 2, 2016Each year on the first Monday of September we celebrate the achievements of American workers and what they have sacrificed by celebrating Labor Day.united-mec-officer-labor-day-message
New BeginningsAug 12, 2016A message from AFA-CWA United Master Executive Council President Ken Diaz.new-beginnings
A Message from the United MEC PresidentAug 10, 2016There are just under two days left to make one of the biggest decisions of our careers. It has been a privilege to talk with you throughout this ratif...a-message-from-the-united-mec-president
(CAL) Buddy Bid UpdateApr 23, 2016Yesterday, the company contacted the Union regarding a problem with line awards as it pertains to buddy bidding.This was due to a glitch in the system...cal-buddy-bid-update
(CAL) MEC Update on General GrievanceApr 1, 2016We would like to share with you more information that pertains to the General Grievance filed regarding aircraft allocation provisions in ou...cal-mec-update-on-general-grievance
(CAL) Correction to Recent Announcement: AFA Continental MEC Reaches Agreement for B787, #956Mar 26, 2016Our agreement realizes this affects the s-CO SFI/SLS based Flight Attendants. The company agrees to pay each SFI/SLS Flight Attendant on the SFI/...cal-correction-to-recent-announcement-afa-continental-mec-reaches-agreement-for-b787-956
MEC Grievance 1-16Mar 3, 2016As we communicated to you in January, AFA has been trying to fully understand how United Airlines management is taking delivery of their 787s and assi...mec-grievance-1-16
(CAL) There Was Never a Proposal for a Contract ExtensionFeb 16, 2016We are writing to clear up stated inaccuracies of what took place during the October 2015 discussions with management that led to theLetters of Agreem...cal-there-was-never-a-proposal-for-a-contract-extension
(CAL) Insurance Settlement Payment Date February 29, 2016Feb 10, 2016The insurance settlement payment to eligible Flight Attendants will be paid out on February 29th, 2016, in a separate check.cal-insurance-settlement-payment-date-february-29-2016
A Conversation with AFA United MEC President Ken DiazFeb 4, 2016a-conversation-with-afa-united-mec-president-ken-diaz
(CAL) Special Update – 787sFeb 2, 2016Many of you have contacted the MEC about sUA-AFA filing to the System Board regarding the assignment of the five (5) 787s to the sCO fleet.cal-special-update-787s
Keeping FocusedJan 22, 2016As your elected representatives and leaders of your Flight Attendant Union, AFA-CWA, we write to ensure that we share a common understanding of the ma...keeping-focused
As We Look Back: Happy New YearDec 31, 2015as-we-look-back-happy-new-year
(CAL) Special Update – December 29, 2015Dec 29, 2015We know that many of you have been having difficulty reaching scheduling during the recent storms, and this has caused a litany of issues. The Union h...cal-special-update-december-29-2015
Happy HolidaysDec 24, 2015happy-holidays
(CAL) CAL-AFA Announces New Councils for January 2016Dec 14, 2015We are pleased to announce that today the executive board has approved our request to open new CAL AFA councils in the following locations.cal-cal-afa-announces-new-councils-for-january-2016
(CAL) Thanksgiving Greeting – November 26, 2015Nov 26, 2015Thanksgiving is a time to reflect on the past and give thanks for all the wonderful things we have had the opportunity to experience throughout the ye...cal-thanksgiving-greeting-november-26-2015
Happy ThanksgivingNov 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgivinghappy-thanksgiving

(CAL) Profit Sharing, Reserve Call Out, and Super Long Haul AgreementNov 22, 2015We promised to address our issues regarding profit sharing with the Company and we have. As you may recall, on September 8, 2015 the CAL MEC sent a le...cal-profit-sharing-reserve-call-out-and-super-long-haul-agreement
(CAL) President MessageNov 14, 2015Our heartfelt thoughts and prayers go out to the people of France. cal-president-message
(CAL) New MEC President and JNC Members ElectedNov 10, 2015We are pleased to announce Randy Hatfield has been elected to serve as our new MEC President for CAL AFA.Due to the circumstances which made this elec...cal-new-mec-president-and-jnc-members-elected
(CAL) Thank you from my heart!Nov 2, 2015I have dedicated most of my 23 year career at Continental to representing our Flight Attendants, through both the good times and the bad. I have predi...cal-thank-you-from-my-heart
24,000 UnitedOct 29, 201524,00...</td><td style=24-000-united
October is National Breast Cancer Awareness MonthOct 1, 2015October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. In our profession where more than three-quarters of us are women, breast cancer disproportiona...october-is-national-breast-cancer-awareness-month
We Honor Our HeroesSep 11, 2015we-honor-our-heroes
Happy Labor Day! View a Labor Day Message from Your AFA-CWA United MEC OfficersSep 4, 2015As the Labor Day holiday weekend approaches, we remember that Labor Day is our day.  Labor Day is observed the first Monday in September in ...happy-labor-day-view-a-labor-day-message-from-your-afa-cwa-united-mec-officers
Day of Action: Expression of AppreciationJul 17, 2015Yesterday around the system, United Flight Attendants from all pre-merger subsidiaries came together in an incredibly successful showing of solidarity...day-of-action-expression-of-appreciation
A Message From the United MEC PresidentJun 29, 2015Let’s hope that United sees the mutual benefit of reaching a deal with us. We’re doing our part to make progress. My resolve is steeled by...a-message-from-the-united-mec-president
JFK Announcement: A Letter from the United MEC OfficersJun 16, 2015Despite the Contractual requirement to meet and discuss any proposed change in domicile status, with one hour’s notice before the public announc...jfk-announcement-a-letter-from-the-united-mec-officers
A Message from the United MEC PresidentFeb 9, 2015

A Message from the United MEC PresidentJan 21, 2015

Happy New YearDec 31, 2014Two thousand fourteen needless to say has been a very eventful year.happy-new-year
Happy Holidays!Dec 25, 2014On behalf of the Unite...happy-holidays
Happy ThanksgivingNov 27, 2014

This year I am thankf...

2014 Enhanced Early Out AwardsNov 14, 2014Nov 14 - Today is a major moment in our history, unprecedented in the industry.  United Airlines announced today they have ...2014-enhanced-early-out-awards
October is National Breast Cancer Awareness MonthOct 1, 2014Oct 1 -  In a profession where almost three quarters of our workforce are women, it is extremely important for our Members to u...october-is-national-breast-cancer-awareness-month
We Remember. We Will Never Forget.Sep 11, 2014Sept 11 - That seemingly normal day changed the world and our lives as Flight Attendants forever.  That day we lost 35 Flight A...we-remember-we-will-never-forget
Labor Day MessageAug 29, 2014Aug 29 - Labor Day is the celebration of a promise fulfilled. For generations, the promise of good jobs, fair treatment and wages, a...labor-day-message
Surplus PostponedJul 16, 2014July 16 -  Today we met with United management and, after significant discussion, share an understanding to postpone the annou...surplus-postponed
New BeginningsJul 1, 2014July 1 - Welcome to our new beginning and the first step in our journey toward collective success. Starting from this moment, your ME...new-beginnings
Management Announces Definitive Surplus PlansJun 27, 2014Jun 27 - Following up on United's initial announcement on May 12, 2014, United management today announced more definitive information...management-announces-definitive-surplus-plans
Surplus Discussions with United ManagementMay 16, 2014May 16 - We met with United management this week to discuss their recently disclosed plans to surplus Flight Attendants from DEN, L...surplus-discussions-with-united-management

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