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Having a successful retirement means balancing retirement saving with your other life goals, and making retirement saving a top priority. To archive the best results, planning early and more aggressively provides the best advantage. Benefits Committee.

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Locating Retirement Savings Information

401(k) Automatic Escalation Program versus Fidelity Annual Increase Program

Fidelity Notifies Employees of Reduction in Annual Plan Level Fee

Changing your 401(k) Contributions – Automatic Escalation

401(k) Beneficiary Update Campaign in Progress

Profit Sharing 401(k) Election due by 2359 Central time on February 11, 2018.

401(k) Contribution Limit Increases for 2018

Retirement Account Withdrawal Rules Loosened by IRS

United Revises Corporate Retirement Policy

PBGC Projections for Multi-Employer Programs

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Retirement FAQs

Retirement Frequently Asked Questions (November 2015)

2017 Retiree Insurance Rates

These documents have all of the 2017 insurance rates for retirees as indicated: (all in PDF format)


April 2003 - Eligibility information.

2016 Retiree Insurance Rates

This document has all of the 2016 insurance rates for retirees (retirees after 6/2003), and it includes all of the HMO rates for all company service bands, coverage bands, and both pre and post Medicare eligibility.

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