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Saving for Retirement

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How Do You Get Started Saving for Retirement?

The earlier and more aggressively you start, the better your eventual result can be. Having a successful retirement means balancing retirement saving with your other life goals, and making retirement saving a top priority.

Are You Saving Enough?

Whether you've been saving for years or are just getting started, one fact is undeniable: to help make sure you're able to enjoy the retirement you envision, you have to not only save, but also have a plan.

Where Should You Consider Saving?

When creating a savings plan it's important to determine how much to save. It's also important to make sure you put your savings in the "right" accounts.

Pulitzer Prize winner Hedrick Smith produced a documentary for PBS Frontline entitled, "Can You Afford to Retire?", which includes an in depth review of United's pension default and 401k plans.

Inflation, Withdrawal Rates, & Other Risks to Your Retirement

To assure yourself of a successful retirement, you'll need to understand five key risks that are likely to affect your savings: longevity, health care costs, inflation, asset allocation, and withdrawal rate.

What Should You Know About Healthcare Planning?

Developing a solid financial plan requires planning for your healthcare needs and researching costs, insurance, and savings options.

Pre-Retirement Checklist

Social Security, Pension Benefits, Medicare, and Estate Planning.

In Retirement, Plan to Make Your Money Last

As you move into and through retirement, it's particularly important that you establish specialized plans for generating reliable income to sustain you for the rest of your life.

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