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Dear John,

As a dedicated Flight Attendant for United Airlines, I consistently focus on doing those things that bring our passengers back.  Our Net Promoter Scores (NPS) paint a clear picture of our proven track record and make it clear that we have earned the respect of the traveling public and United management.   In return, we expect United management will make available to us the tools and personnel we need to do our jobs well.  Management is falling short in a number of areas:

  • Call Wait Times at the Crew Desk and Flight Attendant Support Team
  • Joint Contract not fully implemented to include piggy-backing and midnight cut off
  • Layover hotel and quality issues
  • Reserve Pool Numbers restrict trading and schedule flexibility
  • Rescheduling issues resulting from aircraft schedule changes
  • Catering Issues
  • Reciprocal Cabin Seat Agreements

Adding insult to injury, is the inconvenience we will experience as a result of the company’s ill-conceived plan to again realign CQ training months after you made a commitment to all of us following the last realignment that we would not have to go to training for another 18 months. This is unnecessary as there should be other ways this training can be accomplished.

If, in fact, good leads the way, then focus on us and make it possible for us to do our jobs consistently and well.  We need these problems fixed!