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Furlough – February 25, 2021 Update


Bidding for Voluntary Furlough has closed and the contractual voluntary furlough award commencing April 1, 2021 has been completed in compliance with Section 18.A. of our Contract.  

Voluntary furlough was awarded to all eligible Flight Attendants having requests on file and who were senior to system seniority date of 1/16/2006 (System seniority #14,026) as listed on system seniority list dated 1/27/2021 (available on Flying Together).

The awarded lists are listed by base in seniority order for the 11 month and the 13 month program.  This was the first step in the awarding of voluntary furlough mitigation programs under the terms of our Contract. 

The Furlough Mitigation Partnership (FMP) is the next step in the process for which bids closed on Wednesday, February 24, 2021, and those awarded a Furlough Mitigation Partnership may be found here.  It should be noted, there were no furlough mitigation partnership requests on file for any International Purser bases.

As Furlough Mitigation Partnerships were awarded, the line continued to move down the seniority list making others potentially eligible to participate in the Furlough Mitigation Partnership. 

As a reminder, the Furlough Mitigation Partnership Program was negotiated as part of our Contract solely for the protection of United Flight Attendant jobs and will be implemented only when the need for involuntary furlough exists.

As a result of the current FMP award, the line of demarcation (involuntary furlough line) for those subject to involuntary furlough moved down the seniority list to System Seniority date of 3.06.2006.  Flight Attendants having a system seniority number of 14,231 (3.06.2006) and junior as listed on the January 27, 2021 System Seniority List are subject to involuntary furlough. The total number of our Members subject to involuntary furlough is 9,101.

The following Voluntary Furlough lists were published by the company and are broken down by base and seniority:
11 month Award
13 month Award



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