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Midwest Express Flight Attendants Ratify Contract

Date: October 21, 2002

MILWAUKEE – Midwest Express Airlines flight attendants, represented by the Association of Flight Attendants, AFL-CIO, overwhelmingly ratified their first contract today.

“The positive vote says that Midwest Express flight attendants are satisfied with our first contract,” said AFA Midwest Express Master Executive Council President Toni Phillips. “Hopefully, this is the first day of a new, cooperative relationship with management at our airline.”

Negotiations for the flight attendants’ first contract at Midwest Express began after the workers voted to be represented by AFA in May 1999. Negotiations broke down in July 2002 and flight attendants were forced to begin CHAOS™ strike actions Aug. 30. After 20 days of CHAOS™, AFA and Midwest Express management returned to the negotiating table. A tentative agreement between the flight attendants and the airline was reached on Sept. 20.

The agreement was ratified today by a 95% vote of those flight attendants who cast valid ballots. Out of 309 valid ballots received, 295 votes were cast “FOR” the agreement, with only 14 votes “AGAINST”. There were 441 eligible voters.

Highlights of the new agreement, which is scheduled to be signed tomorrow, include:

  • Raises of 2.5% on date of signing (DOS) of contract, 3% increase 12 months after DOS, 2% increase 24 months after DOS, 3% increase 42 months after DOS
  • Increased per diem, cancellation pay, maintained holiday pay and will receive time-and-one-half for Volunteer Fly and for extension pay
  • 2-hour call out for reserve flight attendants six months from DOS
  • Minimum guarantees of flight hours per month (78 for full-time flight attendants, 80 for reserves in the first 24 months and 37.5 for low time flight attendants, which provides those who fly less with more flexibility)
  • Merger and successorship protections
  • Formal grievance procedure for resolution of disputes, including binding arbitration
  • Four-year duration of the agreement (reduced from a five-year proposal from management)

Midwest Express’ 441 flight attendants are joined together in AFA, the world’s largest flight attendant union. Visit us at www.afanet.org.

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