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Flight Attendants Have Spoken: More Sacrifice

Date: January 6, 2005

PITTSBURGH - Flight Attendants at US Airways signaled their willingness to go yet another extra mile in the effort to save their employer, approving a contract agreement that amounts to their third round of givebacks to the troubled airline.

"This was not easy," said Teddy Xidas, president of the Association of Flight Attendants US Airways Master Executive Council. "Our members have made tremendous sacrifices over the past several years. With this agreement, Flight Attendants have given everything they can give."

A total of 71.5 percent of the eligible 5,800 Flight Attendants voted, with more than 64 percent voting in favor of the contract. The final vote was 2,556-1, 416.

"US Airways Flight Attendants deserve a lot of credit for accepting these additional cuts in an effort to save our airline," Xidas said. "Now it's up to management to live up to its responsibilities and get our airline back on track."

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