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United Airlines Flight Attendants Reach Agreement

Date: January 8, 2005

Ladies and Gentlemen:

Recognizing the onerous realities of the bankruptcy process, and our related legal obligations, we have been fully engaged in Section 1113(c) discussions with management in an attempt to reach an agreement Flight Attendants could ratify. 

This evening, we have a Tentative Agreement with United.  The agreement for Contractual changes is now subject to approval by the United Master Executive Council, who will meet in special session this Tuesday, January 11.   Until that time, full details of the Tentative Agreement will not be made public. If approved by the MEC, the Tentative Agreement will be sent to you for careful consideration and Membership ratification. 

Our Flight Attendant community has faced tough decisions about our future during the course of the past 25 months of United's bankruptcy, and the decision to make additional concessions will be no less challenging.  We have fought management every step of the way to ensure that this Tentative Agreement would not provide a penny more from Flight Attendants than is legally necessary.  We fought to ensure that any Contractual change would be shaped in a way that avoids destruction of our career.

United's 1113(c) Term Sheet sought to scrap our Contract, terminate our pension plan, make our health care unaffordable and destroy our work rules.  Our collective goal of reaching an agreement that maintains a quality of work life for Flight Attendants by avoiding changes to work rules and benefits while minimizing the financial impact of wage cuts has been realized.  The Tentative Agreement keeps our defined benefit pension intact and AFA continues to have the right to oppose any effort to terminate our defined benefit pension plan.  We also were successful in maintaining all of our Medical and Dental benefits.

There can be no doubt that if it were not for the clear resolve of United Flight Attendants in supporting our United Master Executive Council, our Financial Review Committee and our extraordinary legal team, we may not have been able to achieve the events of today.  While a consensual agreement avoids the destructive potential for Court rejection of our Collective Bargaining Agreement, no one should minimize the decision facing United Flight Attendants in considering additional sacrifices.  Amid our collective success, this is not a day that we celebrate.

Thank you for your continued support and patience during the most difficult of times.

In Solidarity,

Greg Davidowitch, President
United Master Executive Council

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