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Independence Air Flight Attendants Oppose Executive Bonuses

Date: January 4, 2006

Washington, DC - Independence Air flight attendants, represented by the Association of Flight Attendants-CWA (AFA-CWA), today filed an objection in U.S. Bankruptcy Court against the airline's request to pay $3.2 million in bonuses to a small group of handpicked executives.

"This request for executive bonuses is ludicrous," said Kenneth Kindred, Independence Air flight attendants' MEC President. "It does not make sense that this bankrupt company has an extra several million dollars lying around to divvy up among a select group while the rest of the workforce is suddenly out of a job."

The bonuses would be awarded to employees handpicked by management to remain with the company for up to an additional six months while finalizing the closure of the airline. No flight attendants were included among this group. The company has justified their request by stating that those employees who remain as part of the "wind-down team" will lose out on potential opportunities and should therefore be compensated.

Last week, the over 500 flight attendants at Independence received a letter stating that January 5 would be their last day of employment.

"Management's complete and utter disregard for their workforce is just one reason why they failed to build a successful company," said Kindred. "They gave us barely two weeks notice to tell us that we would be unemployed. Yet they are giving this group six months notice and additional pay. Companies across the board need to wake up and realize that their greed is destroying lives."

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