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Aflac Short Term Disability Insurance Open Enrollment

Date: March 4, 2011

AflacWe are happy to report that a voluntary benefits program that includes Short Term Disability coverage is now available to you and the online enrollment period began today, Friday, March 4th at 5pm CST.  

Open Enrollment was originally scheduled to begin Tuesday, March 1 2011, but due to unforeseen technical difficulties through Continental American Insurance Company, a decision was made to delay the launch of Open Enrollment until today.  Enrollment will remain open through April 8, 2011.

Questions and Answers

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The program includes Short Term Disability, 24 Hour Accident, Lump Sum Critical Illness and Hospital Indemnity coverage.  Eligibility requires that Members will have completed 90 days of employment and must be an active employee on the date they apply for coverage.  

Our AFA Benefits Committee has worked with AFLAC to reach an agreement for a replacement Short Term Disability, that include but are not limited to:

• Short Term Disability - Guarantee Issue first $500 of monthly coverage

• 24 Hour Accident - Guarantee Issue - No Health Underwriting Questions

• Lump Sum Critical Illness - Guarantee Issue up to $10,000 of coverage

• Hospital Indemnity - Guarantee Issue* - No Health Underwriting Questions

Some commonly asked questions and answers are available about this plan. To obtain additional details of the plan and enroll, please visit the AFA information area of the Aflac website.

*The "guarantee issue" feature is only available during the initial enrollment period and for newly eligible members.

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