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Prepared and Ready To Go

Date: June 22, 2012

Ladies and Gentlemen:

This week the United Master Executive Council met with the representatives of the Continental and Continental Micronesia Flight Attendants in Special Session. Our International Officers called the meeting to present a State of the Industry Report and facilitate preparations for our upcoming Single Contract Negotiations.

Financial and legal advisors were also in attendance and stressed the importance of the successful outcome for our negotiations, not only for all Flight Attendants at the new United Airlines, but to set the bar for the U.S. aviation industry. Our representatives on the Joint Negotiating Committee (JNC) were present and had the opportunity to meet with the representatives who will serve on the JNC from Continental and Continental Micronesia.

Recognizing your involvement in these negotiations is critical to our success, Flight Attendants represented by the United Master Executive Council will be surveyed to identify the priorities we will pursue in a Joint Contract. The comprehensive survey will open on July 14 and close on August 5, 2012. Our goal is to achieve the best of the three Collective Bargaining Agreements at each of the separate airlines. Your feedback will dictate our course of action.

We’ve said it in previous surveys, but it cannot be overstated: your participation in the survey is critical to our success. Through your participation you are assured that our Joint Negotiating Committee knows the issues that are important to you. Failure to participate will result in allowing others to determine what priorities are important to you in a Contract that will govern an integrated workforce.

We know for a fact that an informed, educated and mobilized Membership results in solid, productive negotiation results. Our recently ratified Contract is the richest Flight Attendant Contract since the 1980’s and to date is the only new Contract in place for any United work group post bankruptcy. Our Flight Attendant Negotiations Network (FANN) proved instrumental to our success and we will continue to utilize the FANN to communicate with you on the details of our negotiations. FANN is about face to face discussions and sharing information. As we continue to gain momentum towards Joint Contract Negotiations our FANN activists have been collecting your feedback regarding how you wish to receive information about negotiations. For those of you who have participated in these face to face surveys, we appreciate your participation.

If you have previously signed up for the FANN, you’re already set to go. If you’re not yet a member of the FANN, we encourage you to sign up today. Assure yourself that you get accurate, relevant and timely negotiations updates. Members of the FANN get negotiations related information first; sign up on our website today.

Remember, Joint Contract Negotiations are markedly different than the traditional Section 6 process we recently concluded. But the outcome remains the same; these negotiations will define our careers at the new United Airlines.

We are prepared and ready to go! Be sure to become a Member of the FANN, participate in our surveys and set your goals high. We have an unprecedented opportunity to stand in Solidarity with our flying partners at Continental and Continental Micronesia to raise the bar with new standards in compensation, benefits and work rules at the world’s largest airline.

In Solidarity,

Greg Davidowitch, President
United Master Executive Council

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