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Occupational Injuries - GENEX Managed Care Nurses

Date: November 22, 2013

Our MEC Benefits Committee has received numerous reports from Flight Attendants system-wide on occupational status who have been contacted by a company called GENEX.  United has hired GENEX as their managed care provider for United Flight Attendant occupational claims.  As reported to us, some are being contacted via US mail, with a letter of introduction, along with many consent/medical release forms to sign and return.  Some are being contacted via phone, while others are being approached at their treating physician’s office, by the GENEX nurses asking many questions and insisting on sitting in on the office visit with the treating physician or physical therapy appointments.  The reports include, but are not limited to the GENEX nurse being assertive, aggressive, intrusive, and on occasion intimidating.

It is important to remember that the GENEX nurses are contracted by United Airlines and used by Gallagher Bassett, (United’s Third Party Administrator) to assist in the investigation of an occupational claim.  Their goal is to control the costs involved.  While it is a personal choice to allow them to assist with your claim, under the Illinois Workers’ Compensation statutes, it is by no means mandatory and the only obligation you have is to release medical records relating to your occupational injury.

If a GENEX nurse contacts you, you can invoke your right to doctor/patient privilege and you do not have to share any medical information with them either over the phone or in person.

You may also want to consider the following:

  • Refer them to your attorney if you have one representing you for your occupational injury.
  • If no attorney is involved, you may answer general questions, as to how treatment is going and if you are making any progress.
  • Do not sign any consent/medical records release forms provided by a GENEX nurse.  These forms allow GENEX access to all of your Medical records – not just those pertaining to your occupational.
  • You may provide the Authorization for Medical Records release form contained in the AFA Occupational Packet to the GENEX nurse.  This will allow them access only to the Medical records relating to your occupational injury. This form is available on our website.  
  • You may want to inform your treating Physician both verbally and in writing, that you do not wish for him/her or their staff to speak with the GENEX nurse about your case, nor be allowed into the exam.
  • Neither you nor your treating physician have the obligation or need to answer any written questions.

For more information regarding your rights under the Illinois Worker’s Compensation statute, you may access the 2013 Illinois Workers Compensation Handbook.

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