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Dear AFA: December 03, 2013

Date: December 3, 2013

Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen and welcome to Dear AFA. A democratic, Member driven Union of Flight Attendants for Flight Attendants. Today is Tuesday, December 3rd and this is Carmen Wagner Hoffman, Council 8 Volunteer, reporting and together we will do better.

RSV Should Check DFAP for Holiday Pay

Our Contract provides that a Flight Attendant on Ready Reserve (RSV) status, who is not given an assignment on the holiday, will receive Holiday Pay for the value of the Reserve day (4:27 hours in a 30-day month, or 4:13 hours in a 31-day month). 

  1. If you are a Call-in Reserve (CLLR) and released on the holiday, you would not receive holiday pay.
  2. If you are on Ready Reserve (RSV) and do not fly, you will receive 4:27 hours (30 day month) or 4:13 (31 day month) times your Reserve hourly rate.
  3. If you are a converted CLLR or Ready RSV and fly an ID, you would either receive statement "b" above or your Holiday Pay will be calculated as it is for a Lineholder for the ID(s) to which assigned, whichever is greater.

To ensure that you have been properly credited for any Holiday Pay you are due, you are encouraged to verify your DFAP in Unimatic. The Holiday Pay cert code is "061." If you feel there is an error and you should have received Holiday Pay and you did not, contact payroll via the Flight Attendant Service Team (FAST).

A comprehensive article on Holiday Pay, as it is applied for both Lineholders and Reserves, is available on our website.

Phase 3 Vacation Bids Now Open

The third (tertiary) and final round of vacation bidding is now open, and will close this Saturday, December 7 at 0830 local domicile time. As in the preceding phases, it's a good idea to check remaining vacation allotments, bid to cover yourself, and know when the schedule months begin and end. You can learn more about vacation bidding on our website.

Assignment of Work Positions

With the addition of the new B-737-900 aircraft joining United's fleet, now is a good time to review the assignment of work positions. Specifically, we should remember that while it may appear that jumpseats and work positions are linked on the briefing sheets, exceptions may occur. Most commonly, deviation from the briefing sheet standard happens to adjust staffing. Notwithstanding, it remains our position that the assignment of our jumpseat does NOT predetermine our work position. While the jumpseats are assigned in numerical order according to FAA regulations, work positions should be assigned in seniority order of the entire working crew.

No Voice Calls on Airplanes

Recently the Federal Communication Committee (FCC) has issued a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking to "revise outdated rules," which would permit passengers to use mobile wireless service above 10,000 feet. The FCC has scheduled a hearing for December 12 on this issue. Representative Peter DeFazio (D-OR) has authored a Congressional sign-on letter to the FCC Chairman opposing this outlandish change.

AFA opposes any change that would allow inflight cell phone use. As Flight Attendants, we are uniquely qualified to understand the disruption and tension this will cause during flight, as well as compromise our ability to maintain order in the cabin during an emergency situation.

On December 12, the FCC will decide whether to consider the Notice of Proposed Rulemaking, which is the first step to changing the rules. The sign-on letter by De Fazio is a response by Congress to stop this issue dead in its tracks.

It's important that we make our opinion heard. Take time today to call your Representatives and encourage them to sign on to this letter and tell the FCC "NO cellphone use on our aircraft."

Holiday Appearance Regulations

In keeping with our tradition, the holiday season is marked with an exception to uniform guidelines. During the month of December (December 1 through December 31, 2013) we are allowed to wear ONE of the following holiday accessories listed below with the understanding that the item be in "good taste," in the spirit of the holidays, and reflect our professional image. Uniforms may not be altered in any manner and all other appearance regulations remain in effect. Please note that these accessories may be worn only until the last day of December and may not be worn on or after January 1, 2014 as the holiday exception does not extend into New Year's Day.

For Women: Conservative holiday scarf, earrings, necklace, hair barrette, hosiery or socks (with pants only) or one holiday pin.

For Men: Conservative holiday necktie, socks or one holiday pin.

Additionally the following holiday items are not permitted: headwear, vests, aprons and sweaters.

2014 Pass Travel Open Enrollment

Now through December 30, 1900 Central Time, you can update your enrolled friend, spouse or domestic partner elections for United's pass travel program. To do so, go to employeeRES>employee profile. Remember the company has created the new "primary friend" category, which allows Members who do not have a spouse or domestic partner on their travel profile to designate a travel eligible who will travel with the same boarding priority as a spouse/domestic partner. If you do not want to make any changes, no action is required.

Irregular Operations Report (IOR)

Management recently informed us of their decision to replace four existing forms we use to report onboard incidents with a new, multi-use form. Called an Irregular Operations Report, or IOR, this takes the place of the current Flight Attendant Safety Report (FASRS), Medical Emergency and Accident Report (MEARS), Misconduct Report and the written Flight Attendant Report. All events that would previously have been documented utilizing one or more of the preceding reports will be reported using the IOR beginning December 5.

IORs must be completed electronically through United's Flying Together website. Also, all incidents, which currently require us to file a report, must still be reported using this new form.

Management has placed glossy brochures in our domicile mailboxes with information detailing how they think reports should be completed. Be aware management has not offered any exception to the existing policy against Flight Attendants using Personal Electronic Devices (PED) onboard even if the purpose is to complete one of these reports. Rather, management has stated a notepad will be stored in the Inflight Customer Kit for the purpose of writing down facts you may need when you file a required IOR.

If you have any questions about the IOR, or what your responsibilities are concerning filing IORs, you can send an email to company representatives here or contact your Local Council. When filing an IOR, be sure to indicate on the form that you want a copy sent to AFA.

That's all for this evening! Thank you for calling. As we build our future together and achieve an industry leading Single Contract for all Flight Attendants at the new United

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