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Don't Forget to Tag Broken Carts

Date: December 6, 2013

We have received several reports that some beverage carts have been boarded where the braking system does not hold the cart securely in place.  Our United Master Executive Council (MEC) Safety, Health and Security Committee has been working with United catering to mitigate and fix this issue as quickly as possible.  A memo has recently been sent out to the various catering locations to reminds their people to check the breaks before boarding the cart on the aircraft. 

We should continue to do our part by reporting any equipment that we find defective on the aircraft with a "Needs Repair" tag, and follow up with an IOR and/or an ISAP report.  Links to these two reports can be found on our Useful Website page on www.unitedafa.org.  We would like to thank United catering for working with our MEC Safety, Health and Security Committee in assuring to fix this problem quickly and help prevent any Flight Attendants from being hurt by the defective carts.

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