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Liquids, Gels and Aerosols (LGAs) Restrictions

Date: December 6, 2013

With the implementation of Known Crewmember (KCM) at some locations, we've heard there is some confusion regarding the current TSA and United Liquid, Gel and Aerosol (LGA) guidance as it pertains to crewmembers. 

The FAOM page 17.14 outlines those specific circumstances under which crewmembers are exempt from the TSA LGAs restrictions.  Generally speaking, working crewmembers both domestically and internationally, are exempt from these TSA LGA restrictions. However, crewmembers flying to or from international locations may be subject to additional restrictions by the host government.
Crewmembers who are commuting, traveling to/from training, or pleasure traveling in or out of uniform, are not considered working crewmembers – and are not exempt from the TSA LGA restrictions and are subject to the same TSA LGA restrictions as the traveling public. Any Flight Attendant found in violation of these restrictions may be personally fined.
Additionally, the Known Crewmember Program (KCM) is available at some airports as an expedited security screening checkpoint for authorized crewmembers.  KCM is a risk-based, identity and employment verification program designed to expedite screening for crewmembers in uniform.  It is not a program designed to allow non-working crewmembers the ability to bypass the TSA LGA restrictions.  United Airlines and the TSA are clear in their expectations – working crewmembers are exempt from the TSA LGA restrictions within the United States and may be subject to additional restrictions when traveling to countries outside of the United States.  Non-working Flight Attendants, who choose to use KCM, are still subject to TSA LGA requirements.
The TSA has recently issued warnings to crewmembers after having discovered non-working crewmembers bringing excess TSA LGAs, and other prohibited items including the baggage of others through the KCM checkpoint.  The TSA has warned that these actions are not only in violation of TSA guidelines, they also put the crewmember and the viability of the KCM program in jeopardy.
Please ensure that you understand all TSA LGA and host country exemptions, so that you don't inadvertently violate these security restrictions.  We do not want the actions of a few to jeopardize KCM, or the current TSA LGA exemptions enjoyed by working crewmembers.

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