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Minimum Layover in Canada

Date: February 19, 2013

Given the recent changes to the check-in times at a layover point brought about by the Contract changes (757) and the Global Settlement in MEC 5-12 (A319/A320 and Jumbo aircraft), the Union has identified a need to revise the information contained in the monthly Bid Package Cover Letter to reflect the minimum layovers in Canada.  In Canada, there is a unique requirement to pre-clear U.S. Customs and Immigration formalities and this time must be built into the block to block minimum layover.

We've notified the company of the need for these changes and have provided them with the following information which we expect will be included beginning with the April Bid Package Cover Letter.  The March 2013 Bid Package Cover Letter does not accurately reflect the minimum layover requirements given the revised check-in times.

Work Situation *Minimum Section 7.J.1.b. Block to Block times
This time includes debrief, customs in & out of Canada, check-in & applies to Section 7.I.2.a.(1) & 7.I.2.b.
Work In/Work Out A319/A320 10:50
Work In/Work Out 757/767/ and
Work In/Work Out Jumbo 11:05
Work In/DHD Out 10:30
DHD In/Work A319/A320 Out 10:35
DHD In/Work 757/767/737-800/900 10:45
DHD In/Work Jumbo Out 10:50
DHD In/DHD Out 10:15

*These times are based on use of field layover hotels (within approximately 15 minutes from the airport which providefor the nine (9) hour legal rest minimum of Section 7.J.1.b. of the Contract

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