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It's Our Contract

Date: August 23, 2013

Date: August 23, 2013
Author: Joint Communication Committee

Next week, August 27 will mark the one-year anniversary of our three AFA Flight Attendant groups taking the initial steps in our Joint Negotiations process when they met with management.  Since that time, beginning with our first direct negotiations session in December of 2012, continuing through our latest negotiations session in San Francisco this month, we have accomplished the following:

  • We have engaged in a total of 8 Direct Negotiations Sessions with management
  • We have spent 37 total days negotiating at the bargaining table
  • We have reached 26 total subjects for a new Agreement (as of April 2013)
  • We have reached 3 Tentative Agreements with management

When you consider the task undertaken by our JNC to negotiate a Joint Contract based on our current Contracts, definable progress in reaching many proposals has been made.  However, the pace of negotiations is too slow.  The JNC continues to ask United management to meet more frequently, but management continues to make excuses why the amount of time spent at the table is not an issue. 

These aren't just words, United's negotiators make good on this principal.  Consider the amount of time management spent actually at the table during last week's negotiations session.

All of us, management included, have everything to gain by meeting more frequently, and to be as prepared as possible for the time we do spend together.  The quality of the time spent negotiating is an important factor, but if you apply the quality of the time spent with more frequent meetings, you end up with greater potential to make progress more quickly.  Our JNC continues to ask management to meet more frequently and is more than ready for management to improve the quality of the time spent negotiating.

On Tuesday, August 27th, we'll be making an update to the OurUnited website.  Stop by on Tuesday and see what some of your flying partners mean when we say "It's Our Contract."

More negotiations, less excuses. It's Our Contract.

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