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Sam Risoli Seeks to Eliminate Your Voice

Date: January 22, 2014

We are outraged. 

Mr. Risoli has again chosen to go directly to you and work with the representatives from the Continental subsidiary to circumvent your legal representative.  By this action, the company’s intentions are clear: an end-run around your United AFA leadership.  The communication, and deliberate and coordinated effort with the Continental representatives, together are intended to eliminate the reasonable options that we proposed; and to drive a wedge between United Flight Attendants, Continental and Continental Micronesia Flight Attendants and management.    All of these efforts have been intentionally crafted in an attempt to weaken the influence of your representatives and eliminate your voice in the workplace.

Since learning of this action by management, we have made several attempts to gain an understanding of what the company has announced in order to best represent your interests.  Management has refused to take our calls.

Since the inception of the merger, United management has treated United Flight Attendants and their leadership differently.  This is but another example of the complete lack of respect for our group of Flight Attendants and for each one of us individually.

Today’s announcement raises more questions than it answers.  We will work to resolve these issues.

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