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Dear AFA: October 28, 2014

Date: October 28, 2014

Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen and welcome to Dear AFA. We are a democratic, Member driven Union of Flight Attendants for Flight Attendants. Today is Tuesday, October 28, 2014 and this is Jorge Diaz, reporting. I am a Member of Houston Council 42 and I stand with, and will help protect, all of my 685 Sisters and Brothers.

Joint Negotiations Resume in Chicago
Joint Negotiation resumed this week in Chicago, and will continue through the end of next week.  Our Joint Negotiations Committee (JNC) Members will be using the Interest Based Bargaining (IBB) Protocol brought forth by the National Mediation Board (NMB).  To receive the most up-to-date information regarding Joint Negotiations sign up for the OurUnited Newsletter at: www.OurUnited.org.

2015 Benefits Open Enrollment Closes Friday, October 31, 2014
As a reminder the annual open enrollment period for benefits will close this Friday, October 31, 2014.  If you have not already done so, now is the time to make your benefit elections for next year.  To review your selections please access the benefits website using the Benefits “Quick Hit” on the home page of Flying Together or contact the United Airlines Benefits Center Monday through Friday 7am to 7pm at (800) 651-1007. 

Enhanced Early Out Bidding Closes Thursday, October 30, 2014
The Enhanced Early Out Program bid process ends this Thursday, October 30, 2014 at 08:00 Central time.  Remember the process for submitting an Enhanced Early Out bid is a two (2) part process. 

  1. The first step in this process is to submit a bid for the early out using the command EOREQ in Unimatic.  After you have submitted your bid we recommend that you print a copy of the bid screen for your records, and redisplay the EOREQ screen to ensure your bid has been accepted.  Bids can be deleted and reentered at any time; however, you must have a bid on file 0800 Central time on October 30, 2014.
  2. The second step of this process requires you to submit a Waiver of Rights and Claims/Release from Liability form to the company.  Once you have printed and signed the form you must scan and email the form to earlyout@united.com.  We recommend you keep a copy of the email for your records.  When the company receives the Waiver Form you will receive an email at your united.com email confirming this form has been received and is on file.  Once you have submitted the waiver form you have a one time only opportunity within seven (7) days from the date you signed your Waiver of Rights and Claims Release to revoke the waiver.  However, once you rescind the waiver you have forfeited your opportunity to participate in the Enhanced Early Out Program. 

For more information on the Enhanced Early Out Program please visit our website.

FAOM Compliance Checks
Recent United communications indicate that the FAA has increased FAOM inspections, and will be responding to non-compliance through the issuance of fines to individual Flight Attendants.  As a result of AFA-CWA’s on going advocacy and because of the FAA’s increased inspections we want to remind you that all domiciles have amnesty locations for FAOM checks.  We strongly encourage you to verify compliance by having your manual checked, and take advantage of this opportunity to ensure we have the tools needed in our work as Safety Professionals.

2014 Midterm Elections
The 2014 Midterm Elections are scheduled for Tuesday November 4, 2014. An integral part of our advocacy for protections and improvements in the workplace is our work to ensure Flight Attendants are informed voters.  Early voting is open in most areas, and absentee ballots are currently available for Members who may be flying on November 4th.  For more information, please visit our website.

That’s all for tonight and thank you for calling.  Through strength and solidarity, we will continue building our collective future.  After all, it’s our future.

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