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Surplus Discussions with United Management

Date: May 16, 2014

Ladies and Gentlemen:

Amidst more devastating news for Flight Attendants this week, Fitch Ratings, a credit rating agency, affirmed their positive outlook on United Airlines stating their view that our company’s credit profile is improving.  Nevertheless, Flight Attendants working side by side with their fellow employees have endured much and sacrificed plenty over the course of the past decade.  Since the inception of the merger, we have been forced to realize that the promise of the merger is yet to be achieved. 

Confounding many United workers, including Flight Attendants, have been notable headlines about our company.  Low ratings in industry satisfaction surveys and airline quality reports persist against a backdrop of corporate efforts to outsource work and clamp down on workers. 

For us that's been an increase in discipline, an involuntary furlough and now a surplus.  For others at our company it's been about downsizing, outsourcing and negotiating to maintain the contractual provisions they just ratified several months ago.   For example, on the heels of recently ratified Contracts, ground workers are being forced to move from a downsized hub in Cleveland along with persistent outsourcing at many stations, including the operations in Hawaii.

While we welcome the good news from the Fitch ratings, it’s certainly not ok that our company continues to fail to realize its potential and that Flight Attendants and other employees are being forced to shoulder more and more of the burden.  The simple truth is this: a successful company does not lay off workers and force others to move. 

We met with United management this week to discuss their recently disclosed plans to surplus Flight Attendants from DEN, LAX and ORD. Our focus remains on mitigating the impact of these decisions on our Members and exploring every option to minimize the adverse impact on the lives of those impacted by these decisions.  We understand the need for information and we have encouraged management to get this information to those who need it in a timely manner.

We will work to ensure that the company meets all of their obligations under the terms of our Contract.  In the meantime we must stand together and support one another.  Most importantly, we encourage you to stay connected to official Union publications through our MEC website and Dear AFA for updated information as well as your Local Council resources for updated information.

In Solidarity,
United Master Executive Council Officers

Greg Davidowitch

Linda F. Farrow

Jeffrey W. Heisey


Vice President

  Secretary Treasurer

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