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Management Announces Definitive Surplus Plans

Date: June 27, 2014

Ladies and Gentlemen:

Following up on United's initial announcement on May 12, 2014, United management today announced more definitive information on their intent to subject approximately 600 active Flight Attendants to Surplus.  This will have far reaching affect as those who fall within that seniority range who are inactive will also be subject to surplus.  Additionally, those who are not actually subject to surplus in the affected domiciles will also feel the impact of people transferring out of their domicile.  Effective for the October 2014 schedule month, the 200 most junior active Flight Attendants each in DEN, LAX and ORD domiciles are subject to Surplus.

Upon the initial announcement by management, we met to discuss options and alternatives, encouraging management to reconsider their decision as there are life-changing consequences associated with a surplus action.  However management remained committed to the outcome as a good business decision.   We have and will continue to advocate for measures including the elimination or curtailment of the total number of people affected, and other alternatives for our Flight Attendant community.  Our recommendations have included the retention of bid and awarded vacations, additional domicile choices, an unlimited preferential right-of-return, and Transfer and Expense moving provisions identical to that of when the Houston domicile was recently established.  Management has adopted some of our recommendations while others are still under consideration.

We have worked exhaustively to ensure that management meets all of their obligations under the terms of our Contract and for them to recognize the impact this decision will have on our Flight Attendant community and United Airlines. 

Management has indicated the following domicile vacancies, but please keep in mind numbers may fluctuate based on transfer activity and awards prior to the Surplus bid, 150 in IAH, 420 in JFK and 240 in SFO.

We have provided additional information on our website and in the AFA Surplus Q&A as well as United's S-UA Flight Attendant Surplus/Base Reduction/Surplus Question and Answers Packet .  Please take the time to review this information carefully and consider your options.

In Solidarity,

Greg Davidowitch, President
United Master Executive Council

Ken Diaz, President-Elect
United Master Executive Council

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