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Surplus Postponed

Date: July 16, 2014

Ladies and Gentlemen:

Today we met with United management and, after significant discussion, share an understanding to postpone the announced notice of surplus that would be effective for the October 2014 schedule month.  In addition, as part of this understanding, the base reduction planned at pre-merger Continental will also be postponed.

Your Union leadership has advocated from the initial announcement of the company's plan to implement the surplus provisions of our Contract that United management find an alternative way to address these manpower issues. While management continues to assert rebalancing is necessary, we are pleased that management has responded affirmatively to our advocacy and postponed the action that would require our Members to make life altering decisions.  This additional time provides us with the opportunity to seek collaborative solutions to address the manpower imbalances resulting from the separate operations under the different Contracts. 

Any Flight Attendant from DEN, LAX or ORD who submitted a transfer following the company's initial May12, 2014 statement regarding the need to rebalance manpower at the locations will have the ability to rescind their awarded transfer.  If you wish to rescind your transfer, you must notify United by e-mail to rebalance@united.com.   Once rescinded, you will be able to return to your prior domicile effective for the September2014 schedule month.

Flight Attendants who have been awarded transfers will have the option to remain in their new domicile and will retain an unlimited, preferential right of return to your prior domicile. 

Flight Attendants who have transferred from DEN, LAX & ORD and who were awarded & accepted transfers since the initial announcement date of May 12, 2014 through and including the two system transfer awards (July 3 & 17) preceding the surplus bid may continue to take advantage of the benefits provided in the Transfer &Moving Packet.

We recognize that today's announcement raises a number of questions not addressed in this communication for which we have already begun to pursue answers.  The understanding reached today allows us the opportunity to continue our advocacy for the benefit of our Members.  In addition, we will continue to encourage United management to consider alternatives to surplus that will be in the long term best interests of our Membership. 

As we obtain additional information, we will make this available on our MEC website.  In the interim, we ask that you avoid rumor and speculation and rely on official communication from your Union in seeking answers to your questions. 

In Solidarity,

Ken Diaz
Andreas H. Curlee
Vice President
Jeffrey W. Heisey
Secretary Treasurer

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