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Labor Day Message

Date: August 29, 2014

Ladies and Gentlemen:

Labor Day is the celebration of a promise fulfilled. For generations, the promise of good jobs, fair treatment and wages, and a seat at the bargaining table has sustained the economic security of America's vital middle class.  Labor Day is not devoted to one person, race, or nation. Instead, it is dedicated to the American workers. For far too many people, Labor Day is seen simply as a day of rest. But for a growing number of U.S. workers, including Flight Attendants, there are no breaks from the continued battle to earn protections and wages we deserve.

Organized labor in this country is involved in a fierce battle against opponents with access to vast wealth and influence.  Our influence & strength has been in our numbers and through the act of standing together.   However, today, even our “standing together” is under attack from both political and business interests not only in this country but those abroad.

This past week we celebrated our 69th year of being a Union for Flight Attendants by Flight Attendants. The first steps that our Founding Sisters; Edith Edna Lauterbach, Ada Brown Greenfield, Francis Hall, Sally Thometz and Sally Watt Keenan forged the way for many of the protections we enjoy today. Through the years, we have won significant victories over discriminatory equality, which limited the lives of Flight Attendants. Today, men and women, married or single, with or without children, call this profession their own. Flight Attendants have earned respect and admiration through our dedicated service to the public and our proven record as Safety Professionals.

We are Safety Professionals and privileged to be among America's working heroes. Our Unions in this country put the interests of working families first and foremost. Our job will never be completely done, but we spend every day, every hour fighting to make the lives and the work of Americans, including Flight Attendants, better. By standing together we will accomplish amazing things.

Whether you spend the weekend working with flying partners or barbequing with friends and family, this weekend remember to take a moment to acknowledge the meaningful celebration of our holiday - Labor Day. 

Have a safe and enjoyable Labor Day holiday. 

In Solidarity,

Ken Diaz

Andreas H. Curlee

Jeffrey W. Heisey


Vice President

Secretary Treasurer

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