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24,000 United

Date: October 29, 2015

24,000 UnitedDear Flying Partners:

The merger between United Airlines, Continental Airlines and Continental Micronesia is now five years old, yet Flight Attendants continue to remain without a joint agreement by which we can fully benefit in one of the world’s largest airline mergers. As we look back, we understand and share the disappointment of our Members that today we remain as three separate entities, working under three separate contracts. None of us could have imagined it would take this long to achieve a combined agreement.

The United Master Executive Council (MEC) held our Fall 2015 Regular Meeting this week during which we discussed issues directly impacting United Flight Attendants. Among the issues discussed was the ongoing concern of our Members, as well as the leadership, of how the absence of a joint Contract was stifling opportunities for all 24,000 Flight Attendants. During that discussion the United MEC shared our Members’ view of the importance of bringing the Flight Attendant groups together in order to move forward to accomplish our collective goals.

We recognize the AFA Board of Directors passed a resolution at the 2014 Board of Directors Meeting setting aside the merger of MEC requirements of the AFA Constitution and Bylaws until either a joint Contract is ratified or the three MECs took action to merge. Your MEC Officers share the view that much has changed since 2014. We now have a Contract proposal with a fully developed single position, speaking for 24,000 Flight Attendants, over which we are prepared to bargain with the company.  After careful deliberation and review, we have concluded that our negotiations are being undermined by this current structure and it is time to act to merge the MECs.

It is for this reason we join the Members of the United Master Executive Council in asking our AFA International President to approach the AFA Board of Directors to request a return to the Merger process outlined in the AFA Constitution and Bylaws.  We share a view that this will provide us with the opportunity to join the Leadership from each of the Local Councils at the pre-merger airlines in forming a new Master Executive Council that will annunciate and amplify our one voice in the interest of 24,000 United Flight Attendants. 

Our structure provides a means by which our individual voices are heard & promoted by our locally elected leaders - the same leaders you have today.  We are confident these leaders will act in our collective best interest to ensure we move forward in a positive direction for all 24,000 Flight Attendants to fully realize the benefits of this merger through a joint Contract that will benefit us all.

We encourage you to join us as we move forward with one voice - 24,000 United.

In Solidarity,

The United Master Executive Council Officers 

Ken Diaz

Andreas H. Curlee
Vice President

Jeffrey W. Heisey 
Secretary Treasurer


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