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Different Visions of What a Joint Contract Should Look Like

Date: December 15, 2015

AFA and the United management negotiators have a very different vision of what a Joint Collective Bargaining Agreement should look like. We have already provided comparisons of the union and company scheduling proposals. We will be providing similar comparisons of other sections so all Flight Attendants can see what we are up against.

AFA’s goal is to draw upon the strengths of our agreements to put together scheduling, compensation and other provisions of the agreement which reward Flight Attendants for years of sacrifice.

Management negotiators, in contrast, view this merger as a chance to strip valuable work rules from our agreements.

AFA’s goal is for Flight Attendants to share in the success of the airline and we need a contract that reflects a world's premier airline and recognizes Flight Attendants’ role in the success of the airline.

Management negotiators are proposing far short of what it takes to put contracts of this size and scope together, essentially calling on Flight Attendants to pay for the merger.

What it Will Take to Get a Good Agreement For Flight Attendants at United Airline

Don’t fall into Management’s Trap. United management has for years consciously attempted to divide Flight Attendants because they know when Flight Attendants are united nothing can stop us. Management wants us to focus on the things that will change when we put our contracts together and ignore the bigger picture that they are trying to gut our contracts we took decades to build.

Inform Yourself on the Process. We filed for mediation so we could end management’s stall tactics. There is a defined process under the Railway Labor Act (RLA) which provides for mediation and allows us to request a release to strike. Please study the attached document closely so you understand the process to reach an agreement under the RLA.

Attend the December 17 Day of ActionPublic pressure matters. To get a contract at United Airlines we must get our message out and that means leafleting and picketing. On December 17, Flight Attendants from across the system will be reaching out to the public for support in our efforts for a fair contract. Day of Action Events >

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