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Clarifications to KCM Program

Date: February 6, 2015

In January, Flight Attendants began to have the option to transit through the Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA) Known Crew Member (KCM) checkpoint not in uniform. Since this policy enhancement went into effect we have had a few questions about this enhancement. Below are a couple of reminders and clarifications we thought you should know.

  1. If you are selected for random secondary screening and are directed to go to a passenger screening checkpoint you must go directly to the screening point.

    However, it is acceptable for a crewmember entering the KCM checkpoint out of uniform to check their luggage before reporting to the passenger screening checkpoint for screening.  Before checking their luggage the crewmember should advise the TSA officer of their intention.  Doing so ensures there is no misunderstanding 
  2. It is not acceptable for any crewmember that is selected for random secondary screening and directed to a passenger screening checkpoint to change into their uniform, wait and try again with a different screener, or anything other than compliance with the TSA instructions. 

    Not complying with TSA instructions will be deemed circumventing the system in violation of Federal Regulations and may result in action against the crewmember.
  3. Pet and pet carriers must be screened through the passenger screening checkpoint. Crewmembers with pets will be directed to a passenger screening checkpoint and screened in accordance with TSA screening procedures.
  4. You may not bring personal items belonging to another person through the KCM access point.

Please remember that the KCM program was not designed to give Flight Attendants Liquid, Gel and Aerosol (LAG) exemptions.  It was established to expedite crewmembers through airport security.  Let’s not forget KCM expedited screening is an earned privilege - not a right.  Any breaches of the KCM requirements could jeopardize our standing in the program and the ability to expand it.

If you have any questions about the KCM program please contact your Local Council Safety, Health and Security Committee. 

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