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A Message from the United MEC President

Date: February 9, 2015

Ladies and Gentlemen:

We are continuing negotiations for a new joint Contract with United Airlines management.  The next six months will be a critical time period for us and we must be united while we push toward a common goal  - a new Joint Collective Bargaining Agreement with United Airlines by July 23, 2015.

Our needs, as one Union representing all Flight Attendants at the new combined airline, are best met when all voices are heard and together we push in a common direction toward the same goal.  This is not the time to isolate ourselves.  We must take advantage of this opportunity to broaden our perspective.  We are stronger and, therefore, more successful in negotiations when we work together.  As President Abraham Lincoln once said in one of his now famous public speeches, “A house divided against itself cannot stand.”   And, while working together, we must take advantage of our diversity to get the very best from all aspects of any differences we may have.  The fact is, we have more in common than that which could possibly divide us. 

Regardless of our roots with any of the pre-merger carriers, CAL, CMI or United, we all have much in common.  We have faced turbulent times and brutal economic hardships at different points in our respective histories.  Having lived through the bad times is a bond we all share in common.  As history will show, regardless of the specific hardship situation, we got through it working together.  Let’s do our part to make sure that we never have to face that kind of adversity again.

There is much hard work in front of us as we hammer out a Collective Bargaining Agreement.  While market conditions have improved, our primary domestic competitors are out performing United.  Now, more than ever, management needs to come to terms with the Union on a Collective Bargaining Agreement – one that will move this airline forward because it has the support of the employees by whom it will be ratified.

In order to secure an Agreement where we all benefit, let us honor discussion and respect that there will be differences of opinion.  I strongly believe it is important for all Flight Attendants to have a voice and for our specific needs to be heard as part of this dialogue.  I welcome your input as our negotiations move forward and, while there will have to be some “give and take”, let’s all work the process together.    I encourage you to demonstrate your commitment to this process by securing your AFA pin prominently on your uniform every time you fly.

Going into the next session of negotiations, recent decisions that have been made by the CMI MEC that are based on agreements they have reached with management, there will be some changes to the composition of the Union’s JNC.    The CMI MEC has determined they will have one representative working as part of the Union’s JNC while the remaining two Members of their current Negotiating Committee will work independently with management on “Guam specific” issues that will ultimately become part of the final agreement.

Now is the time to stand together and to make our voices heard – together.  Together, we are stronger.  Together, we are better.  Together, is the road to our collective success.

In Solidarity,

Ken Diaz
United Master Executive Council

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