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Day of Action: Expression of Appreciation

Date: July 17, 2015

Ladies and Gentlemen:

Yesterday around the system, United Flight Attendants from all pre-merger subsidiaries came together in an incredibly successful showing of solidarity designed to show that we are united in our resolve to reach a fair contract that reflects the priorities of United Flight Attendants and that we will not pay for this merger.  Whether wearing your red AFA pin on the line while serving customers or standing shoulder to shoulder with our brothers and sisters on the picket line at one of the many events around the world, every effort made a difference.  Each of these individual efforts contributed to our hugely successful collective effort. 

It has been five long years since this merger was announced creating the world’s largest airline.  The airline now reports record-breaking revenues, triple digit improvements in share price and absurd increases in executive compensation.  Yet, Flight Attendants are not fully sharing in the accomplishments we have been instrumental in achieving.  Our efforts must be recognized through an industry leading Contract we all deserve and we will have a say in determining our priorities.

The remarkable showing of Unity that marked our success yesterday has created a foundation upon which we will build in accomplishing our collective goals.  We understand that none of what was accomplished yesterday was possible without each of you.  Joined by our brothers and sisters in the labor communities including our former flying partners, through the efforts of the Retiree Association of Flight Attendants-CWA (RAFA), we have created a renewed sense of hope, drive and purpose that has reinforced our determination.

On behalf of the United Master Executive Council, we express our appreciation and gratitude for every effort in accomplishing our Day of Action success.  We could not be more proud of the work of so many in delivering our unified message to United management.  Our solidarity demonstrates our continuing support of our Joint Negotiating Committee as they strive to obtain a joint Contract worthy of our contributions to the success of our airline.

To all of our fellow employees who stood with us in support of these objectives, an expression of thanks seems inadequate in light of your contributions to our success.  Be assured we are grateful for your efforts and appreciate having shared this collective success with you.

Stronger together.  Better together. 

In Solidarity,
The United Master Executive Council Officers

Ken Diaz                                  Andreas Curlee                       Jeff Heisey
President                                 Vice President                         Secretary/Treasurer


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