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Joint Negotiations Update on Meeting at the National Mediation Board

Date: August 11, 2015

On Monday representatives of AFA-CWA met with United management and the National Mediation Board (NMB) at the agency's offices in Washington DC. Attending for AFA were MEC Presidents Ken Diaz, Suzanne Hendricks, and Marcus Valentino, along with AFA-CWA International President Sara Nelson and Director of Collective Bargaining Joe Burns. Attending for United were Senior Vice President of Labor Relations Doug McKeen, Senior Vice President of InFlight Sam Risoli, and Vice President of Labor Relations Jeff Wall.

The purpose of this meeting was to discuss next steps in the negotiations for a merged Flight Attendant Agreement at United Airlines. AFA-CWA voiced our concerns about the negotiations and expressed a need for stronger oversight by the NMB in these discussions. The NMB scheduled a follow up meeting for Friday afternoon with the same participants and we hope to have more information to share at that point in time. 

As the JNC prepares to go back to the bargaining table it is vital that United management understands that Flight Attendants are standing together in Solidarity for an industry leading Contract. We ask that you wear your red AFA pin (new shipments of pins are arriving at each local around the system as the pins roll off the production line) to support your Joint Negotiations Committee (JNC) and stay informed about the negotiations at OurContract.org. An update is scheduled to be provided via the OurContract.org newsletter and website following our Friday meeting.

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