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AFA Files for Federal Mediation

Date: August 20, 2015

Today AFA filed for federal mediation under the jurisdiction of the National Mediation Board in order to bring three years of negotiations to a close and allow United to complete its merger with Continental/Continental Micronesia. Once the case is docketed, the National Mediation Board will contact the parties regarding negotiation dates next steps. Please see the AFA media releaseregarding the filing for mediation. 

AFA Director of Collective Bargaining Joe Burns today sent a letter to United VP of Human Resources Jeff Wall refuting the Company’s baseless allegations that AFA violated the Negotiations Protocol Agreement. As the letter indicates, the Company’s assertions are without merit. AFA believes we should be spending time discussing the substance of the issues separating the parties rather than these procedural debates.   

“A clear dispute exists and it is time for federal mediation. We are calling on management to negotiate a fair contract within the reality of record profits. Three years after the talks for a joint contract began, management doesn’t seemed focused on negotiating a contract Flight Attendants can ratify,” said AFA International President Sara Nelson.  “The longterm success of United Airlines depends upon current executives finishing this merger, which includes negotiating a joint Flight Attendant contract, and making good on promises to employees, Capitol Hill and the traveling public.”

We will need ever increasing pressure on the Company to do the right thing and settle this agreement. So wear your red AFA pin (new shipments of pins are arriving at each local around the system as the pins roll off the production line) to support your Joint Negotiations Committee. Stay informed about the negotiations at OurContract.org or by signing up to be a Negotiations Support Activist (NSA).


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