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(UAL) Vacation Accrual while on Occupational Injury or Illness Additional Payout

Date: December 16, 2016

In January 2014, our AFA MEC Grievance Committee filed MEC Grievance 1-14, when management reduced vacation accrual in certain circumstances when a Flight Attendant was on an Occupational Leave of Absence. In October 2016, the Company and AFA agreed to settle MEC 1-14 regarding vacation accrual while on Occupational Illness or Injury Leave. 

During the course of answering questions relative to this grievance award, AFA discovered a problem in how the company calculated vacation accrual for the 2014 bid schedule year.  Back in 2012, United changed the accrual calendar year for the following year’s vacation. This change from a January-December accrual year, to a September-August accrual year.  For the 4 months September to December 2013, Flight Attendants were given credit for both the 2013 vacation (accrual consider January-December 2012) and 2014 vacation (accrual considered September 2012-August 2013.)

However, in the application of the settlement, those Flight Attendants whose 2014 vacation were reduced by virtue of being on L9 status at any time during September to December 2012 were not properly given credit and, in fact, were not considered in the initial MEC 1-14 payments in October. United has agreed to pay the 127 affected Flight Attendants who were impacted.

United issued an “off cycle” check (not a regular pay check) dated 12-15-16 to those affected Flight Attendants. The additional settlement payment is identified on the “off cycle” pay advice in two ways. The value of the vacation will be identified as “Settlement Elig” and the value for the Profit Sharing will be identified as “Settlement Non Elig” 

All questions relative to this award should be directed to the Union by e-mail at MEC114@unitedafa.orgThis is the exclusive method by which all inquiries will be processed.

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