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Understanding Holiday Pay (Section 4.I.)

Date: December 27, 2016

Our Joint Contract Bargaining Agreement (JCBA,) Section 4.I., provides for additional pay for Flight Attendants on flight assignments during designated holidays and the Flight Attendant’s birthday. This is a new provision for the pre-merger CAL and CMI Flight Attendants.  

Holiday Pay is calculated using a formula that takes into account the number of credited hours flown during the holiday ID/pairing and how much time away from home the ID/pairing has. Premium pay is not used when computing holiday pay. A Flight Attendant’s hours away from home begins at the ID/pairing check-in time and ends at the return to your home base. 

To figure out your holiday pay follow these simple steps: 


  1. Your hourly rate of pay multiplied by the credited flight time for the ID/pairing
  2. Divided by the number of hours away from home
  3. Multiplied by the number of hours away from home falling within the holiday


  1. If released on a holiday, Reserve receives no holiday pay.
  2. If on Ready Reserve status and you do not fly = 4:27 (30 days) or 4:13 (31 days) times the Reserve’s hourly rate.
  3. If on Ready Reserve status and flies a pairing, receives greater of sub-paragraph b or the Lineholder computation.

A Flight Attendant qualifying for two (2) hour call-out pay or five (5) hour Stand-by Reserve pay shall receive double pay for those hours if they fall within the holiday period. 

In an effort to assist you with understanding further on how to calculate holiday pay, examples of pairings are available on our website.

If you have any further questions on our Contractual Holiday Pay, please contact your Local Council.  

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