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(CAL) There Was Never a Proposal for a Contract Extension

Date: February 16, 2016

Dear Fellow Flight Attendants:

We are writing to clear up stated inaccuracies of what took place
during the October 2015 discussions with management that led to the
Letters of Agreement to extend 2015 profit sharing to Continental and
CMI Flight Attendants. First, both pre-merger CAL and CMI contracts
provide for continued payout of profit sharing through mutual
agreement between AFA and United.

Jeff Wall, Vice President of Labor Relations, did mention at one point
that we could consider a contract extension. At the time this was not
even reported to the International Office as it was a comment made in
passing and no proposal was ever presented by the company, nor did we
engage in any such discussion with the company. There was never a
mention of contractual raises. Further, the National Mediation Board
has jurisdiction of our negotiations and is treating all three
amendable contracts as one negotiations case.

Our collective focus is on achieving a joint contract we can ratify. In this time of
record profits especially, we must achieve our fair share. Efforts to
distract us or undermine our union directly impact our collective
ability to put money in the pockets of Flight Attendants and their

We are united in our resolve to achieve a contract that recognizes our
valuable contributions to United Airlines. As always, we urge members
with questions to talk with local AFA representatives to get the
facts. Help combat misinformation. Every Flight Attendant can take an
active role in helping to build our solidarity to achieve the contract
that allows us to share in the profits of United Airlines.

In Solidarity,

AFA Representatives present for the October 2015 Profit Sharing Discussion
Sheryl Kee
MEC Vice President – CAL

Kathleen Domondon
MEC President – CMI

Cari Kershaw
Council 60 President

Joey Guider
Council 62 President

Denny Wheeling
Council 64 President

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