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(CAL) Special Update – 787s

Date: February 2, 2016

Dear Continental AFA-CWA Members,

Many of you have contacted the MEC about sUA-AFA filing to the System Board regarding the assignment of the five (5) 787s to the sCO fleet. I want to assure you that the CAL MEC accepts the company’s explanation given as to why they were placed on the sCO fleet per our Letter of Agreement 38 in our Contract.

While we may differ on this opinion, it does not negate nor diminish our stance on the Unity Agreement.

Differing opinions are a normal part of a democracy.

This is a current contract matter and your CAL-AFA MEC continues to use all resources available to ensure that our Collective Bargaining Agreement is enforced and abided by.

In Solidarity,

Randy Hatfield – MEC President
Continental AFA – CWA
Association of Flight Attendants

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