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(CAL) Buddy Bid Update

Date: April 23, 2016

Dear Membership,

Yesterday, the company contacted the Union regarding a problem with line awards as it pertains to buddy bidding.

This was due to a glitch in the system and re-running the bids won’t resolve the issue. The glitch is not yet fixed. And a re-run of bids will not produce buddy bid awards.

The affected Flight Attendants held what their seniority holds as a regular bid.

The company has offered options to the affected Flight Attendants (30 pairs systemwide 60 people total) to try and give Flight Attendants options to fly with their buddy bid partners.

The Union will be meeting with the company next week to discuss this matter further.

Not awarding buddy bids is a contractual violation as it violates Section 5.D.9.

The company providing options to affected Flight Attendants does not stop this issue from being a contract grievance. In the meantime, we encourage all affected to fill out the grievance investigation form: http://www.calafa.org/forms/grievance-form

Again, we will be continuing discussions on this issue with the company next week to come to a resolution on this matter.

In Solidarity,


Randy Hatfield
AFA Continental MEC President
Association of Flight Attendants-CWA

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