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One United - New pay rate impact on Pre-Merger CO Sept.16 payroll advice

Date: September 13, 2016

The new base pay rates became effective for the September bid month. For Pre-Merger CO Flight Attendants, the first semi payment for September is on the Sept. 16 check, which you can now view on My Info (Flying Together > Employee Services > Help Center > My Info & Managers Toolbox > Payroll Advice).


On the Sept. 16 payroll advice, the regular pay line represents the first semi payment for September. To confirm the calculation, multiply your regular pay hours (25 hours in the example above, this amount may differ based on individual schedules such as Job Share or Reduced Flying) times your new base rate to get the earnings amount.

All other pay items on the Sept. 16 check are for the August bid month (Flight pay balance for August pay greater than 65 hours plus any premiums, per diem, parking, etc.), and are calculated at the prior base pay rates.

Pre-Merger UA and CMI Flight Attendants will see the new base pay rates in their Oct. 1 payroll advice. We will send out a similar communication prior to that payment.

Please address any specific pay issues that you have using your existing inquiry process.

Remember, until a provision of the JCBA is implemented, Flight Attendants will continue operating under the provisions of their previous collective bargaining agreements. 

The Joint Implementation Team

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