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Your Union at Work – Humanitarian Flight to Puerto Rico

Date: October 6, 2017

Proud Union Members representing AFA, ALPA, CWA, IAM, Teamsters, Nurses, IBEW, Union Affiliates from AFL-CIO, First Responders and Volunteers from 17 states stood Union proud for the hurricane victims in Puerto Rico on October 4, 2017.  At 11:00 ET humanitarian flight 2709 took off from Newark Liberty International Airport. The 777-300 was filled with enthusiasm as Union workers representing the foundation of brotherhood, headed to Puerto Rico to offer aid and manual labor to the island recovery efforts. We would like to thank United Airlines for providing a state of the art aircraft, one of the newest to the fleet, making this show of solidarity for the people of Puerto Rico possible. And, heartfelt gratitude goes out to the many Union volunteers, first responders and volunteers show of solidarity declared to the world what Union Family represents. For a complete story on this humanitarian effort visit AFACWA.org

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