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Do Not Use Hybrite S Cart Pull Out Tray

Date: October 19, 2017

Inflight Safety has discovered an issue with two of our Hybrite S carts. A loose screw in the cart handle is thought to have caused an obstruction that would not allow the pull-out tray to be fully retracted back into the cart. 

As this could prohibit proper cart stowage for taxi, takeoff and landing, management has directed that you do not use the pull-out trays or pull them out, during any phase of flight, until further notice. 
Use the Low Density Cart Setup outlined in the Hybrite S Cart service setup guide as this allows you to use the cart without pulling the trays out. 
Additionally, please follow the Cart Safety Guidelines per the Flight Attendant Policies and Procedures Manual. If you discover a cart that is not functioning properly, report the cart via the “Needs repair tag”, submit an Irregular Operations Report (IOR) and a marginal service for any service disruption as soon as possible. 
Our partners in Catering Operations are working with the manufacturer to fix the issue and we’ll advise you when you can resume using the pull-out tray.



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