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Unpaid Flex Vacation while on Reserve Status

Date: October 20, 2017

Reserve Flight Attendants who opted to elect the Unpaid Flex as part of their 2018 Vacation, should be aware that when bidding for their 2018 vacation, any Reserve (R) days that fall within the unpaid Flex vacation period will reduce your Reserve line guarantee. 

For example:

A Reserve Flight Attendant having opted for a 7-day Unpaid Flex Vacation is awarded a Reserve line in a 30-day schedule month having the contractual 12 days off. Three days of availability are included in the awarded vacation period.   Each of these Reserve days is valued at 4:20.  Once vacation is applied to the Reserve line, the three days of Reserve availability are dropped by vacation.  The value of the Reserve line will be reduced by the value of the Reserve days dropped with vacation.  In this case, 3 X 4:20 = 13 hours.  The 78 hour Reserve minimum guarantee reduced is by 13 hours and will result in the Reserve’s new minimum being 65 hours (78 -13 =  65 hours.)

This reduction in guarantee occurs only in those instances where the Reserve opted for the Unpaid Flex option during the Vacation Election period that closed on October 18th, 2017. 

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