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2017 CQ Program Concludes in November

Date: November 3, 2017

November is the last month for the annual CQ 2017 program and December 2017 begins the 2018 CQ program. Those with a “must go” or “due” month in November who do not complete the CQ17 training by the end of November calendar month, you will not be qualified to fly in December and will be required to attend requalification training.   

For those Flight Attendants scheduled for CQ in December 2017, this will be the first month for CQ 2018 and you are required to complete your CQ qualifications in your ‘must go’ or ‘due’ month or no later than the last day of the January 2018 calendar month. The 2018 CQ Computer Based Training (CBT) must be completed prior to attending class and is available from the Take Off Learning website.

Scheduling for CQ 2018 will continue to be accomplished under the provisions of Contract under which Flight Attendant monthly schedules are governed until all Flight Attendants are on a common scheduling platform.  

Additional CQ information can be found on Flying together or see your Local Council Representatives.

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